Bulletin 10th August 2020

Bulletin Monday 10th August, 2020.

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420/no. 79571

Announcements, reports, project updates, and guest welcoming.


Zoom meeting

Members Attending

Brian Goldman, Kartika Dewi, Marion Hook, Sue Bishop, Ray Bishop

Jillian Wright, Fern Linden and Hans Schmidt


Tika welcomes all

Tika is please to announce that we will be able to commence the Kedampal Water project this week , Brian has reviewed the quote and confirms that it is easier and just as economical if you include the Freight to purchase the goods in Karangasem

Price is 108 million for 1 ½ inch pipe against a 113 million budget

Cost for 2 inch pipe to be 20 million, the Kepala Dusun agreed that the 1 ½ inch pipe is adequate. MoU for Indonesian from Tika prepared, Marion helping with the English MOU but requires clarification of the translation, Brian to assist.


Sue reminded all that rotary club of Alfredton will require detailed receipts and progression photos


Tika, Brian and Hans has had a  meeting with Walter and Sabine Roeb-Rienas  from the eclub of Cologne in Germany, Rotary club Bali  Ubud Sunset to join the Feeding the hungry program on Saturday August 15,2020 in Sengkidu Karangasem  agreed to meet up there around 2p.m., to Tika and Brian to join, Marion to donate a large bag of rice, Rotary club Bali Ubud Sunset to pay 1 million towards this event and will mention to their Cologne Rotary club in Germany, wishing possible partnership or joint project in future.


Marion has checked out Mahasaraswati University  but has found no scholarship program to support Dewa from Rumah Belajar Sadewa learning center.

Rotary Club BUS  will still look for support on  a projector and bracket for his English Classed, Cost of approx. 6.5 million but it was agreed we will not support his degree


Hans has agreed to a meeting on October 14 with the German district of foreign club affairs / partnerships to discuss WEHEA projects and other RCBUS projects, for support this a 30 minute presentation will be prepared. This district will nominate a partner club in Germany for RCBUS in order to help financing our projects.


Sue mentioned auctioning items from Australia that she will bring with her to raise funds, Sue and Marion has many ideas for fund rising but for now lets just keep in mind, lets make it happen soon after the situation better .


A raffle was done 300,000  was raised winner to be announced next week, Brian will booked the name of the raffle prize for every meeting, so when offline meeting to happen prize will be given.

Next meeting August 31,2020 Zoom

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