Bulletin 11 April 2016

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at the Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud or the Kakiang Garden Café, Ubud

 “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Gandhi

Bulletin April 11, 2016




Pres. Alan welcomed everyone and in particular visiting Rotarians from Colorado Springs Interquest Rotary Club, Mary and Tony Fagnant.  Also Anne Marie joined us tonight and Sue & Ray Bishop from Hope Island, RC.

Rtn Sue Bishop

Rtn Sue Bishop

Sue& Ray Bishop from Hope Island, RC.  They support project at Karangasem Clinic with 2 full time nurses.  Treated 5,000 patients (women & children) last year and this year up to 10,000.  Focus on disease prevention & teeth.  Presently building a vocational training center.  Hopefully will have these two guests as speakers in the future for the club.  June 4th the clinic will run a Health Day for anyone interested.

Mary  Fagnant is a manufacturing CEO from Colorado Springs Interquest Rotary Club here with her husband

Tony Fagnant, Rotary President of Colorado Springs Interquest Rotary Club.  Founding member and has been running now for 14 years.  The club has
supported 28 matching grant projects in Africa, Chile, Mexico and India and has supported RCBUS water project and is here to view those projects.

Richard Foss – Colorado Springs Interquest Rotary Club hosting Mary & Tony & showing them the water project being guided by Ping.

Ann Marie and her tapestry

Ann Marie and her tapestry

Anne Marie – textile artist.  Shared and offered to produce Mandalas for children, if anyone is interested.  Were given to Rotaracts and were given out at Mobile Library.  Sue Bishop has ideas for production – need follow up.


Richard Foss was our guest speaker tonight to give us all the details about his successful 15 water projects in the NE Bali area.  He said “This is a very labor intensive project to get tanks, concrete and supplies up to the villages.  He has had over 1,000 people involved in the first 6 projects.  As an example of how difficult these projects can be it can take 4 hours to make just 1 trip up the mountain to a site.”

SpeakerRichLessons Learned: Have fun!  It it wasn’t fun they wouldn’t do it.

Water for the Bluu community

Water for the Bluu community

Cost per village US$500-1,200 (depending on if a well was needed to be dug)

The club gave rousing THANK YOU to the Colorado Springs Interquest Rotary Club for all their support of these Balinese water project that help the local people so much.

Meeting closed at 7:00

The meeting of the 18th of April will be at Kakiang Garden Café on Jl. Andong..  We will be discussing the many ways we can help the Balinese.  See here: http://rotarybaliubudsunset.org/attend-a-meeting-location-map/   Remember that Guests are ALWAYS welcomed and encouraged to attend our Monday evening meetings. Invite them to come see what our club is all about and how we are devoted to helping the local Balinese. Our club priorities are Health, Hygiene, and Water. To ensure a seat, please email us before Monday noon, at meeting (at) rotarybaliubudsunset (dot) org


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