Bulletin 11 May 2015

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

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Bulletin May 11, 2015


Rucina working

Rucina working

VP Rucina brought the club a fascinating speaker for this meeting…a wine maker producing wine here in Bali and promises of a wine tasting!  We had a full house with loads of thirsty guests.

Anne Marie and one of her incredible textile creations

Anne Marie and one of her incredible textile creations

Our most frequently attending guest, Anne Marie Kipar, is also one of our most generous.  Anne Marie often donates her beautifully executed pieces of tapestry (museum quality!) for fund raising purposes.  Her most recent donation was auctioned at Bridges Restaurant Mother’s Day event with proceeds appropriately going to midwife extraordinaire Robin Lim, now in Nepal delivering babies to new mothers.

Last month, another of Anne Marie’s tapestries was successfully auctioned in the USA with proceeds earmarked for school supplies for children in Sumba.  Well done, Anne Marie!

Some very sad news….Rtn Pauline Stuber, RC Ignacio, USA, and a longtime partner in numerous project activities here in Bali, has passed away.  Pauline and Rtn husband John visited us here in Bali to personally observe how her club’s projects were moving along and always had the kindest words of support for the club…and also always leaving behind a generous cash donation towards a next project.

PP Catheryne DePrete, RC Ignacio USAThis evening PP Catheryne Di Prete, RC Ignacio, joined us in honoring Pauline and spoke of how tenaciously Pauline worked not only in her own club but throughout the district, to support international projects…first through Matching Grants and then through Global Grants, this in addition to direct donations for earmarked projects.    Our very first water project, in fact, was done with RC Ignacio.  Other joint projects included teaching and learning materials, water and  toilets for primary schools, deep wells in Karangasem and Bangli regencies,  renovations for the vocational school at Suly Resort, to name a few.  Catheryne told us how much Pauline loved Bali, that she was a networker supreme and got things done.  She will be deeply missed.

Catheryne, in keeping with Pauline’s past generosity, presented the club with her personal large cash donation in Pauline’s name. A huge thank you, Catheryne.

Rtn Rich tells how water is delivered at AasRich Foss brought us up to date on the Deep Well Project in Aas, Amed.  Last Thursday, Rich and PE Alan Starr bought a pump for this community and will deliver it this Sunday (RC Ignacio donated to this project as well).  The deep well (finally done!) is 55 meters deep and it took THREE diamond bits and 7 months

to drill.   Because of its capacity, 40 more families will be served by this well. RC Bozeman (Montana, USA) also donated funds to this project that will ultimately bring water to these families.

SIDEBAR:  Rtn David Locke, RCKenmore, Australia) and his wife Ann have consistently supported club project efforts…with a specialty in toothbrushes!!  Next meeting expect to see a gazillion toothbrushes presented to the club.  These will be distributed to needy children through our own club’s projects and through NGO’s who concentrate on improving health conditions for our Balinese children.


Marcantonio Pinci of Cantine Balita

AdDelicious RoseThis delightful, charming and entertaining (former) lawyer from Italy has changed his profession into a winemaker in Bali and it looks like we will all be more sloshed because of it!  He and his partner, Sayu, wanted to bring Italian winemaking to Bali.  They have set up a tree farm in Karangasem Regency and a vineyard in Seririt, North Bali, Bulelang Regency with the winery in Tajun.  They decided to develop a winery and realized, after SIX YEARS IN THE MAKING, that it wasn’t so simple.

Neither of them had made wine before, and they had to bring in an Italian expert to ensure it would work.  Many challenges were faced, including getting the Italian grape plants onto the island, grafting these onto local grape plants (another cross cultural marriage!),  diplomatically moving three containers full of State of the Art winemaking equipment from Tuscany through customs,  dealing with a country which doesn’t encourage drinking alcohol and licensing their product, to name a few.  After growing the vines, other problems emerged such as fruit bats devouring the entire first harvest and then mold marching in.  Nets thwarted the bats and careful scheduling of planting in the dry season has helped with the mold issue.

The grapes themselves are gorgeous…a deep burgundy or purple and a luscious light green.  These high quality grapes (Primitive, Carbinet and more) originated as small sticks in Italy and are thriving in the tropical environment.  They now have 20 varieties from Italy that were grafted onto vines, originally from Belgium!  The vines are planted with living posts so that there will be natural shading down the line.

Marcantonio's Partner in Wine, SayuThe local grape farmers do three harvests a year with their grapes (but they use them as table, not wine grapes).  Cantine Balita plans to only have one harvest a year in the dry season.

Delicious RoseThe wine is just coming into its own after eight months in the tanks.  Due to the tropical weather, sulphites have to be added, but they put in the minimum required.

The Rose (which we happily sampled) is ready and the reds and whites will come out within the next weeks.  They plan to have 10,000 liters annually and the capacity currently is at 12,000 liters in their vineyard.  Eventually with expansion they will make 50,000 liters!  The local market is enough for them to handle without going to export.

The Rose takes about 5-6 months to ferment and when asked what exactly a Rose is, we were told that the skins are taken off during the first part of the process, making for a lighter wine.  The whites and reds require 8-9 months but of course, the longer they stay in the vats, the better.  The vats that they use are self cooling and the plant is air conditioned.

Currently they are using silicon corks but once they get in proper bottling equipment, they will switch to the twist caps as these reduce spoilage to almost zero.

June 1st is the start date for commercial sales; the wine is only available at select restaurants and hotels for now, including Alila, Locavore, Room 4 Dessert, Damai in Lovina and Nihiwatu in Sumba.  But one can order a case of 6 for a very good price (contact them for details)

www.cantine balita.com

Facebook: cantinebalita

For information and orders:


+62 (0)81337 399125


Catheryne won the raffle!


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