Bulletin 11th February 2019

Bulletin 11 February, 2019.

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420/no. 79571

Meetings 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Raya Andong;

and last Monday of each month at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud; 5.30-7 pm.


Announcements, reports, project updates, guest welcoming.


Presiden Brian

President Brian welcomed members (10) and guests(8). Our guests were invited to introduce themselves.

Debra Sloat, Rotarian from Kamloops Daybreak, Canada. Her club has approximately 100 members, and their main project is reducing the number of starving children in their area.

Belousov Vasilli, Rotary Khabarovsk, Russia, he is president elect of his club.

Belousov Yurii is the son of Vasilli and acts as his interpreter.

Debra Sloat, Rotary Kamloops Daybreak, Canada

Yuko Umagoe, is from Rotary Club Tokyo Akebono, she is President elect of her club.

Ayu Lala is a newly inducted member of Rotaract Club Ubud. She is being sponsored by RCBUS, to attend RYLA training this month in Malang. She is a student in Denpasar. She thanked the club for her sponsorship and hopes to gain knowledge to become a good leader. Ywan Andi is Rotaract and supporting new member Ayu.

Tunggu Dewi works for Kopernik, Ubud. They produce innovative products and involved in environmental projects. Tunggu is a possible new member of our club!!

Belausov Yurii and Belausov Vasilli, Rotary Khabarovsk, Rusia

Nick de Boursac, from Rotary Singapore. RCBUS is hoping to become a sister club with Nick’s club in Singapore.

Previous business.

Brian reported that RCBUS is sponsoring Ayu for RYLA training, plus her travelling costs.

Bruce Briscoe suggesting that RCBUS sponsor Bali Children’s Project – which helps children with necessary equipment, clothes etc. so they can attend school.


Renee Heaton: continuing linkage with Rotary Club of Glen Innes, NSW. They are sending to

Bali handmade blankets and wraps for disadvantaged baby’s children. The first batch of 12

were distributed in December to the Abandoned Babies home in Denpasar; the second

batch of 20 will arrive this month and will be distributed at the foundation home for

disabled children in Jimbarin.

Tika: setting up schedule with JFF, arrange date; then discuss cost to RCBUS.

It was explained what JFF is and does, to our visitors.

Allan Starr: Allan asked all members to think of what projects we could plan for our new

year; as well as the ones we continue supporting, water projects; JFF; Rumah Sehat we need

more and remember they have to be for community not a single person, be ongoing and

sustainable. Fund raising is very hard In Bali so the little funds we have need to be well

spent; hence we are looking to become sister clubs with other overseas more financial

clubs! Board members will decide on suggested projects at meetings.

Officer positions for 2019/2020:

President – Kartika Dewi (Tika)

Vice president – Kadek Kerthi (Dora)

Secretary – Sue Bishop

Executive Secretary/Director – Allan Keith Starr

Treasurer – Brian Goldman

Club Membership Chair –  Irenee Heaton (Renee)

Youth Generation Services – Wayan Suyanta (Kaler)

Fund Raising  Chair – Ray Bhisop.

Community Services – Kadek Kerthi (Dora)


Next meeting : 25 th February 2019 at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud. 5.30 – 7pm with guest speaker Wayan Wardika from Taro Waste Management.


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