Bulletin 11th November 2019

Bulletin Nopember 11th 2019

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.

District 3420/no. 7957

Meetings 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Raya Andong, Ubud, and last Monday of each month at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud at 5.30 – 7 pm.

Announcements, reports, project updates, and guest welcoming.



Kartika Dewi, Ray Bishop, Rich Foss, Bruce Briscoe, Brian Goldman, Jim Hook, Marion Hook, Renee Heaton

Apologize from Kaler he busy as a lecturer , Sue Bishop she has been in Australia for knees surgery wish she better soon

Attended by guests :Orijana Masale  and Dalius from Rotary Lithuania


President Tika welcome all members and guests, she gave the guests to introduce their self

Orijana Masale is from RC Lithuania , a small country in Europe, her club has 27 members, in her country there is 56 Rotary Club, her club is English club, the top project is Vocational Project by mentoring young generation in every field one of them is Criminality  Resources etc.

Fund rising committee plans for funding and new members : Jim Hook and Ray Bishop, will held Chili Cookpot the end of March 2020 at Meltingpot Bars Ubud, there will be games, raffle, prizes, the ideas is fun things to invite people to joining this even and next can be potential members, we need more members in our club beside the funding. There will be advertise in all media we can use it, all members expecting to join and participate in this even. Marion Hook have been contacted  a few friends, an entrepreneur   women she knows for supporting and maybe can be sponsoring for Sewing for Living Project. She and Jim also still working on GoFundMe account to Help Wayan Wardika at Taro Composting. What a great effort from Jim and Marion Hook, we really appreciate it.

Membership things : the end of November must decide incoming officer for the club, also DG nominee 2022-2023. President Tika Nominate Susanna Candra from Rotary Denpasar as a potential incoming DG

December evens : Fellowship Christmas Potluck organize by Renee Heaton will be held on Saturday December 7th 2019 at Ray Bishop House in Keramas Beach, invitees all members and family, guests also welcome, everybody will bring some food and drink.

Marion Hook remain all members to start invites friend to the meeting to introduce our club to the potential incoming members, we need more members!

Ray Bishop as a friend of Danielle Foss last meeting this time donate some money and tag Renee Heaton as friend to next meeting.

Renee Heaton share her experience of visited one rotary club in Darwin Australia, this club have been printed the magazine every month, put on all their project with interesting contents. One of them is “if you seen my mom on Facebook please remain her, I am still on the sink” with interesting picture, its remain to aware on social media.

Next Meeting will be at Maya Resort and Spa, Nopember 25th 2019, there will be 9 Rotarian from RC Sivakasi Sparkler D 3212 India, wish all members can attend the meeting.

Raffle prize goes to our guest Orijana Masale, what a lucky moment she picked up her own ticket, congratulation Orijana.




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