Bulletin 12 March 2012

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“There is more hunger for love and
appreciation in this world than for bread.”
– Mother Teresa

Attending:  Lloyd, Sue W, Jody, Rucina, Antje, Janet, Patricia, Philip, Cat

Guests: Judith Schneider, Bill Schneider, Fitri Rotaract (president of Rotaract Ubud), Tika Rotaract, Gusti Rotaract, Pia & Christian (from Norway), Yolanda McDonald (plush toy producer wanting to help the community)


Announcements, Correspondence, Reports

Catstarted the meeting introducing a beautiful Bromiliad plant  for the raffle, to add to the prize of Ghirardi chocolates from Judith and Bill.

Patricia was the lucky winner of plant and chocolate!

Jody is back! She has been our U.S. distributor of the cookbook and  shared some of her experiences. This winter there were a few days delay in getting the cookbooks in the mail, since she had to “wait until the snow and rain subsided” to go to the post office)

Distas: Lloyd shared Marilyn‘s email which encouraged everyone to attend DISTAS next month, since it is in Bali, and is a good chance to have input into what the district will do, and how the district allocates funds to us.  Nice that we have a chance to have a voice!

Sue W: shared update about the Global Grant. Physically, a couple of the schools are still having trouble with water supply due to unforeseen complications and some inferior quality plumbing.  We expect to get to the bottom of the problems and have them solved very soon.  The process of evaluations of the training in the schools is in process now, and results from 2400 evaluation forms are being inputted by students in the Campuhan College.

Rotaract news: Just in time for Rotaract Week, we had 3 Rotaracters at our meeting tonight.

Rotaract Pres Fitri looks on as Tika tells us about her RLI experience.

Tika just returned from the RLI (Rotaract Leadership Institute in Malang), as representative of Tari,, the President Elect.  There she learn how to manage the club, grow the club, and learn from other Rotaract clubs all over Indonesia.

Wayan Rus tells us about his Workshop

Wayan Rus announced his Vocational Service project.  He has created a new workshop that he wants to offer current and potential Rotaracters. A few week ago, Wayan just finished a workshop with high school students called “A New Beginning” where he helps the students find their life purpose, so they can motivate themselves better. Wayan shared he want to use it also for  Rotaract  members, to re-activate them.

Fitri announced detals of the workshop.  It will be held at Campuhan College, 17-18 March 9 a.m to 5 p.m for all Rotaracters in Bali.

Rucina talked about her new role at YKIP.  She told us about the Heidi circle, a group of donors sponsoring over 70 of the 200 poverty level children in the YKIP  program.  Every year, U.S. based artist Heidi Hornberger comes to Bali and with Rucina’s help, organizes a special outing where they also can create something.  This year they took part in an Outward Bound type workshop, lots of games and cooperation activities.

Guest speaker:

Rodney Glick

“Make Compost, Change the World”

You can see Rodney’s new tetrapak compost bin to Rodney’s right in the back…

Rodney is a contemporary artist, who is using his creative skill in permaculture and composting as art.  He is also the owner of Cafe Seniman next door to the  Smile Shop   He has joined his efforts with Ecobali, a local recycling endeavor, who already has
composting systems from garden waste.  Rodney’s system can make compost from garden AND any kind of food waste, including meats.

Even in Australia, compost bins are widely sold, but there are no instructions on how to use them to make compost, especially from kitchen waste, the main household waste.

Rodney provides a  plastic compost bin, with no bottom, and has holes on the sides for aeration. This system called “vermi-bin”
composting, because WORMS are used to process the food waste.  The bottom of the bin is put 20 cm down into the
ground, and properly sealed off with a wire grill to prevent rodents from making themselves at home inside.

Worms – the secret to super composting!

There must be the proper amount of “dry” components in the mix, to balance the carbon and nitrogen. The way to do it is providing enough carbon (newspaper scraps, straw, etc) and nitrogen (your food, manure).  Straw is the best ingredient to keep the layers aerated, as papers tend to be compacted when wet.

Rodney’s system consisted of layers. The idea is to create environment where worm can move up and down inside the bin without being compacted.

First element is soil from your garden or from Temesi compost. The second part is rice straw. The cow manure (dry, 3-4 days old). Last is your food waste. If you mix it correctly, your compost bin will feel hot. Once you built the layers, the worms will do the turning, so you don’t need to do anything.

In the kitchen, you can help the worms by chopping your food waster into small pieces.  Keep an air-tight bucket in the kitchen (abt 10 liters capacity).  You can empy it into the compost bin every couple days, then refill it with the right amount of water, and just keep putting your food scraps into it.

Make sure your compost bin is in shady area, but not dry. Dryness + food will attract ants that will kill all the worms. Make sure it is always wet.
Ecobali has just gotten a license to handle tetrapak garbage. The tetrapak is sent to Java, where it is shredded,  melted, and put into roofing material, both corrugated and flat.  Rodney is currently using this material for his compost bins, replacing the original plastic buckets.

Rodney passed around a can of worms, so we could see them up close and personal!

Rodney’s composting mantra is:       soil – straw – food – cow poo – Repeat

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