Bulletin 13 August 2018

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café on Jl. Andong: last Monday at Maya Resort & Spa Ubud. 5:30-7PM

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

 Bulletin August 13, 2018


Guest tonight: Paula Sims

Tika, Paula Sims, and Sue

Pres. Brian and SecretaryTika

Pres. Brian welcomed all members and introduced our guest

Brian gave us a treasure report: the budget has been approved, district dues have been paid Rp. 4,320,000, RI Dues- Sue Bennett is set to pay them but there seems to be a problem with the RI website.  >> Reminder – some member’s dues are still outstanding.  Remember, our club has ALREADY paid YOUR dues for 2018-19.  Please contact Brian!

Previous Business:

…On the way to being prepped

The 10 year celebration of our club – John Fawcett Foundation at Payangan held on 26th and 27th July, was a success – treating 397 adults, 26 Children, 8 cataract surgeries performed, 269 pairs of glasses distributed, and 120 medications. Of the 8 surgeries 5 need the other eye operated on also. One grade 6 girl needs to have both eyes operated on for cataracts. We will follow up with JFF and families to be sure this is done.

Membership Chair Sue Bennett announced that the Rumah Sehat Healthy Day, sponsored by RCBUS will be postponed for August, an alternative date and place to be confirmed.

Git Git Water Project, is looking for funding, cost approx. Rp. 86.000.000. August meeting with PE from Bedford NH Alan Heathcock in regard to water project not confirmed yet.

Lilawista Library needs confirmed from Dora, Sue and Ray just want no charge for kids for the books, looking forward for volunteer teacher needed.


New Business:

Community Service Dora, unable to make it to our meeting as she is assisting with the cleft lip family

All members required by the District to have created www.myrotary.org account.  Please do this now if you have not.  RTN Ray mentioned that there is large amount of very good information on their site.  So please register, fill out your personal info, and then poke around on the site.

Lombok earthquake disaster – RCBUS donated Rp. 5,000,000, to District disaster relief team now in Lombok

Our Christmas Fundraising Dinner

Fund Raiser Xmas Dinner discussion, feed back from last year: too expensive & a sociability room wanted.  Ray and PP Bruce to meet with Maya this week to discuss.  Tentative date: 9 Dec, 2018 Sunday.  Ideas: lower price to 500,000 for adults, 450,000 KTP holders, 250,000 for children 6-12, and children under 6 – free!; have a free welcome drink and appetizers in our meeting room 5:30-6:15PM then all invited to the sit for the dinner at 6:15PM; also show a quick slide show of our projects there; ideas for raising money, Sue suggested the banners/poster have more photos and less words (she volunteered to change the wording).  Brian also volunteered to contact the lady gave some raffle items last year, who wants to donate some jewelry for the event. Also instead of choir, maybe a Comedian or magician!

All members living in Bali will be considered as going to meetings unless the member sends email or phone before midday to say otherwise.

Next meeting Maya 27th August 2018, guest Speaker Alexandre Wettstein , founder and President of Fair Future Foundation.

Guest speakers are needed for September an beyond.


By: Bruce Briscoe


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