Bulletin 14 May 2012

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” Thomas Carlyle


Attending: Bill, Danielle, Janet, LLoyd, Marilyn Philip, Rosalind, Rucina, Sue,

Guests: Rtn Richard Foss, (RC Colorado Springs Interquest, USA), Rtn David Lock, (RC Kenmore, Brisbane Australia), Ann Lock, Guest Speaker Dr. Sari, Kadek Wismayani, Desak Purnamidyih, Kadek Riani





The Nigerians wowed everyone with their dazzling national dress.

Still aglow from the Bangkok Rotary International Conference, PPs Sue and Marilyn spoke of their experiences.  Most important was the quality of the speakers and the leaders of breakout sessions, but equally impressive was the overall organization of an event this size.  Just think….over 35,000 Rotarians convening in a single meeting location.  WHOA!!

Strong messages delivered by illustrious speakers included a reminder that Polio remains a serious threat until eradicated in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.  The estimated time to make this happen is three years and the expense…a mind boggling three billion dollars.  Rotary clubs throughout the world may have successfully met the Bill Gates Match Challenge and India may have been polio free last year, but Rotarians throughout the world need to continue their efforts to support End Polio Now.

For conference attendees in need of a break the House of Friendship had MANY booths representing RI and individual club interests….from AIDS to Wasrag to our own PDG Guz Goh promoting social networks.  And if your feet started to hurt there was non-stop musical entertainment, exhibitions of Thai Boxing and even a group that sounded just like the Beatles.  Sue jumped right up and started dancing bringing a spontaneous response from lots of others who joined her.

The House of Friendship chock full of Thai orchids.

On a lighter note, moving 35,000 Rotarians from airport to hotel to convention center was a logistical piece of magic.  For starters, Bangkok airport immigration set up a special line for folks over 70 and families with children.  Must admit there are benefits in growing old and Sue and Marilyn were through immigration in a snap!  Blue shirted Rotaracts and volunteers were everywhere to guide those of us who wore that ‘Where am I’ expression’.  The registration area at the convention center was HUGE…at least three football fields in size and staffed by some 50 people validating registration.   Rotarians could select a line based on their native language… every country with a Rotary club had a staff person available who spoke that language.

Using technology effectively was impressive during this conference.  Registration badges were smart cards that were scanned when entering meetings and using conference resources.  Inside the perpetual conference bag of goodies was another smart card, this one a prepaid pass for Bangkok’s SkyTrain…an elevated network of trains that zipped rapidly between all parts of Bangkok.  Another very thoughtful gift to attendees was a sim card for cell phones while in Bangkok.

Meeting fellow Rotarians face to face after long e-mail friendships was a treat but maybe best of all was simply knowing we were sharing this uplifting meeting with 35,000 like-minded people, all in the family of Rotary.  (see more photos at the end of this bulletin)


Mark your Calendars …Club Assembly on June 16 at 10 a.m. at Gabe’s House.  Club Assembly is your opportunity to shape our club, our goals our activities.  Your attendance is needed so please make every effort to get yourself to this meeting.  And you’ll be fed well, too.



Another bi-annual task is again before us.  It’s time to put your hands in your pockets and search for cash to pay Rotary and District dues.  Treasurer Sue will happily accept payment of IDR 500,000 for one half year but will be even happier if we can pay IDR 1,000,000 for the full Rotary year.  This makes Sue’s job easier and for those that get this obligation paid in full….no need to think about it again for 12 months.  IMPORTANT:  Please get your payment to Sue prior to June 30th.



With the end almost in sight for our first Global Grant VP Rucina reported on a meeting called by the Kerta Village Chief (Kepala Desa) and Payangan Board of Education (Dinas Pedidikan). Attendance was required for the principals and the heads of school committees from the five schools in this project that brought water, toilets and basic health training to students and school staffs.  The purpose of this meeting was to sign the Memorandum of Understanding that detailed responsibilities of each school and each school’s staff.  The MOU was clearly worded but what was a big surprise was how strongly both the Village Chief and Head of the Board of Education were in stressing that principals would be held responsible for the continued care of facilities and teacher follow-up on basic hygiene factors.  This was quite ‘unBalinese’ but it’s a good sign for continued sustainability.


On Tuesday it will be back to the schools to do a physical checkout of facilities and then on Wednesday a Health Day will be held at one of the schools.  Our club owes a million thanks to Rotaract Bali Ubud who worked with the Payangan Puskesmas (government operated clinic) to make this Health Day Happen.  We’re expecting a good turnout!  All the school children, their parents and grandparents will be examined by docgtors and dentists, and medication given free.

And from Farquhar, our project evaluator,  we’re getting hints of better than good outcomes based on questionnaires and observations.  More to follow………….

Janet’s trip to Vietnam Rtn Janet, with tears in her eyes, told about her adventures escorting 10 children from Bali Kids Orphanage through Viet Nam.  The trip was sponsored by KOTO, (Know One –Teach One) an Australian-Vietnamese charity for underprivileged youth in Vietnam.  (Hardly any wonder Janet looked exhausted.)  There were lots of opportunities for our Indonesian children to share time and stories with similarly aged Viet Namese youngsters.

A Very Special Gift Guest Rotarian David Lock presented our club with a truly wonderful gift from his club, RC Kenmore, Australia.  Back in 1935 Paul Harris, planted an American pine tree on the grounds of the Montrose Home for Crippled Children at Taringa, a Rotary Club of Brisbane West project.    The tree died but when the home moved to Corinda in March 1938, Rotary placed the bole of the tree with a suitably inscribed message in the entrance of the new Montrose Home.  The tree’s trunk was used for carving Rotary commemorative ornaments. Rtn David presented our club with one of those commemorative ornaments!  And the carvers?  Staff at Help Enterprise Workshop, another Rotary sponsored project!  Thanks David…our club humbly accepts this very special gift.



Dr. Luh Putu Upadiasari

We fell in love with our guest speaker Dr. Putu, Director of Foundation for Parent Awareness and recipient of the Asoka Fellowship in Public Health. For over a decade Dr. Sari has been bringing reproductive health services and education to low income women.  Her clinic, cleverly located inside the largest traditional market in Bali, is easily available to the more than 12,000 women who work or shop there every day.   Both market and clinic are operational 24 hours and it is during the evening hours that many women have the time to visit the clinic.

Dr. Sari told us data indicates 30 to 40% of Indonesian women experience reproductive health problems and that 1 in 100 pregnant women are HIV positive.  Of the women diagnosed with cancer, 70% seek medical help at late stages of the disease and are often beyond treatment.

Clinic staff actively approaches vendors and shoppers in the market, chatting about the most recent health information and inviting women and their partners to visit the clinic for checkups.

Dr. Sari’s vision?  A healthier generation through healthier women.  And what next is on her agenda?  Construction and staffing of clinics in Singaraja and Karangasem, two regencies in Bali where poverty and poor health are clearly serious problems.

Read more about Dr. Sari’s work at www.yrsbali.org.  It’s worth your time!

More photos from Bangkok 2012

Marilyn greets the new Beijing RC Club

Plenary Speaker Dr. Muhammed Yunus

Here’s some of our Indonesian delegation. PDG Al, Sue, Marilyn, DGE and Christina Kuhn,

Angelique Kidjo, singer-activist Plenary speaker/singer

High Flying Rotarians

Rotarians are Cops too!

It was hard to get lost on the Sky train when you had young people around to point you in the right direction.

Mexican Rotary exchange student and friends

Lots of Rotary pins,buttons, medallions — you name it!

Marilyn meets the Foster City Rotarians

Towards the end of the day at the House of Friendship, nice lounge chairs to plop down into.

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