Bulletin 16 December 2013

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

“….Bali is one of the few cultures with origins  in one of the great ancient cultures which is still alive.” –  Arthur Erickson

Bulletin December 16, 2013


Friends and family are scattering and arriving during the holiday season. PE Philip is off to Surabaya, and AG Marilyn is elated that granddaughter Lindsay and longtime friend Annie are visiting from the USA. Rtn Glenn welcomed Yochi from Jakarta and many of us are going to and from the airport! Lots of ‘good-byes, have a safe flight’ and hugs and kisses for those safely arrived.  It’s definitely THE SEASON!

RCBUS Christmas Fundraising Dinner at Taksu

Drinks and conversation before dinner


Rucina Ballinger

Rucina Ballinger

Our club celebrated Christmas on Dec 15th with a gala dinner at Taksu Spa and a raffle that didn’t quit! Christmas Raffle 2013 Fabulous prizes were donated by generous businesses and individuals from all over Bali.  VP Rucina kept the raffle lively, still in full make-up from appearing in the last performance of Romeo and Juliet. And the surprise for many of us at dinner?…naturally purple potatoes (and organic, too!)  Forget the diets and enjoy those calories…it’s THE SEASON!  Many thanks to our Fundraiser Committee who, with lots of hard work, made this event a great success.

Rtn Judith (RC Foster City) suggested we institute Happy Bucks and Marilyn was pleased to demonstrate…lots more enjoyable than being ‘fined’ and sooo happy for her visiting guests to Bali!

The most current Rotary seminar, was attended by Pres Sue, PE Philip and new Rtn Cok Raka. Pres Sue did a quick summary and noted that the district seminars are not only well done but also lots of fun. Our past and current District Governors all role played to show participants both the right ways to present and hilariously demonstrated the wrong ways…like men putting their hands in their pockets leaving the audience to wonder what they were doing down there.

IMG_1103On a more serious note, Pres Sue, SAA Bruce, Rtn Eli, AG Marilyn and friends viewed the marvelous work being done through a District 3420 Grant.DSC04448

Trying on their new glasses

Trying on their new glasses

The John Fawcett Foundation is going full blast arriving in MANY villages throughout Indonesia. They roll in with a full complement of surgeons, optometrists, opticians, ancillary staff AND a mobile operating clinic. It is awesome to watch how effectively this medical team is organized…examining villagers’ eyes, dispensing glasses and medication as necessary and performing cataract surgeries ON THE SPOT!

If that wasn’t amazing enough, two film crews also showed up…one from Singapore gathering film for a documentary on the Foundation, and a second

John Fawcett visiting

John Fawcett visiting

from Australia preparing a documentary on the man who created the Foundation, Dr. John Fawcett. Rtn Eli was on the spot to chat with the Singaporean film director and the young woman who will narrate the film.  Why? Because Eli is working hard to establish a Singapore-based endowment fund for John Fawcett Foundation so they can be less dependent on small donations and grants, giving them the flexibility to keep ALL their mobile clinics in the field continuously (not an option currently) and provide eye services wherever and whenever needed. GO ELI!!

JeremyThe club’s Sumba WASHRAG Global Grant has been reviewed by Rotary International and responses to RI’s questions are being prepared. Club members and volunteer Project Manager Jeremy Taylor met with Dempta, who will be the project’s ‘on the ground’ overseer in Sumba.  Jeremy and Dempta found they meshed perfectly and will be a dynamic duo as the project moves forward.   

The Puhu Water, Sanitation and Basic Health GG has $42,000 pledged and continues to seek an additional $8,000 to fully fund the project.  Because we haven’t been naughty and have been mostly nice, Santa Claus (otherwise known as RC Novato) delivered $2,000 from District 5150’s DDF. Meanwhile, District 5150 Rotary Foundation Committee member Pauline Stuber is presenting this project to district clubs on Jan 18 and we’re hopeful additional contributions will result. Our sister club, RC Manningham, is also checking their bank balance in hopes of making a contribution.  We’re confident this project will happen!! With friends like these, how could we miss?

If ever you wondered whether your donations to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) were helping those in need, get this! To date, 750 Global Grants have been approved and funded in 250 districts throughout the world!! Where else could you get a bigger bang for your buck??? If you haven’t made your TRF donation yet, do it now…IT’S THE SEASON.

December's Mobile Library visit

December’s Mobile Library visit


Desak Yoni

Desak Yoni

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!  Rotaract continues its Mobile Library project Jan 4. The lucky recipient elementary school is in Laplapan, a short drive from Ubud. We’ll be caravanning from the Ubud Wantilan at 8 a.m. Need transport? Contact Marilyn at moc@easyliving.com.


Our talented and beautiful speaker Desak Yoni talked about her recently published first novel, “Renditions of My Soul.” Desak, born and raised in a small traditional village in Bali was fortunate to obtain the support needed to attend university in Australia, earning both a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree in International Business. 

The novel focuses on the Balinese heroine, Made, as she struggles in a patriarchal society where women are traditionally subservient to men and certainly to their husbands. Made, in her earliest years as a child, felt her mother was unfairly and abusively treated and wanted something different for herself. Bowing to family traditional demands while desperate to leave Balinese tradition behind, Made is forced into a disastrous first marriage…but a marriage that led her to Australia. For the following 20 years Australia became ‘home.’ Eventually Made returns to Bali, bringing with her a history of successful business ventures and the open-mindedness resulting from education. With her thinking and attitudes totally changed from when she was a young Balinese woman, the culture-shock of being back in her still very-traditional village makes for fascinating reading.

Desak Yoni and Sarita

Desak Yoni and Sarita

To find out how Made deals with this, you’ll have to read the book! No hints from me. Look for a copy in Ganesha, Periplus, or email books@saritaksu.com for more information.  

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