Bulletin 18 May 2015

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

 Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”― Albert Einstein

 Bulletin May 18, 2015


Members: Cat, Allan, Danielle, Marilyn, Sue, Glenn

Guests:  Ann Marie, Rich Foss, Raelene, Claire Norton (Ubud Food Festival), Frank and Annie Donovan, David and Ann Locke, Roland, Guy (RC Ollioules, France), Bud and Jill Thatcher (RC Yucaipa California), Margaret and Ian Cameron (RC Kenmore, Brisbane)

Attendees2AllanThe meeting was chaired by PE Allan.

A flag exchange was conducted between RC Yucaipa and RC Ollioules.

IPP Sue has just returned from 6 weeks in South America and told us that she spotted a Rotary sign in a very remote part of Bolivia, and at Machu Piccu saw two RC plaques, one dating from 1948.

Anne Marie and one of her incredible textile creations

Anne Marie and one of her incredible textile creations

ES Marilyn announced that Anne Marie had donated a lovely tapestry for auction.  It raised US$ 150 which will go toward buying junior high school books for a school now being built and staffed by volunteers in a remote part of Sumba where children have no opportunity to study beyond elementary school.

Ann & David Locke

Ann & David Locke

Rich announced that he had taken David Locke to the project site at Karangasem to deliver a piston pump for a RC funded well. David is a soils expert and tried to explain to people in that arid part of Bali how to improve their soils. They grow only corn, pumpkin and red beans there.

Sec Cat announced that an anonymous donor had given US$ 5,000 which will be spent taking 5 severely handicapped children and family members to YAKKUM in Jogjakarta for rehabilitation and wheelchairs.

Jill and Bud Thatcher

Jill and Bud Thatcher

PE Allan asked the three Rotarian visitors how their clubs were conducted. Bud told us how their club year begins with a demotion party for the past president. Monthly social events, usually a backyard BBQ, Christmas party, all money raised buys hundreds of teddy bears and raffles them off to fund projects. In March is cash draw which is main fundraiser 150 tickets at $150 each with price of $10,000 cash. Second biggest fundraiser is a golf tournament. Lot of community involved with music and arts festivals and other activities.  His club is looking for international projects.

Guy (RC Ollioules, France),

Guy (RC Ollioules, France),

Ian’s club has a Christmas fundraiser. Recently changed the way the club was run.  The aging club looked for younger members and changed its philosophy and now meets just twice a month aside from Board and Projects meetings to keep costs down and try to attract younger members.  A lot of the socialisation is electronic.  This lowers costs and keeps communications alive between meetings.

Guy’s club supports a hospital in Moldavia in Eastern Europe; the club has three doctors and a dentist who provide supplies, equipment and training.  The club also built and support a school in Nepal, and provide water pumps for Senegal.  They raise money through flea markets at a venue provided by the town, a helicopter tour and an annual ball.


Claire Norton of the Ubud Food Festival

Claire Norton of the Ubud Food Festival

Claire Norton told us about the Ubud Food Festival

From June 5 – 7, 2015, a brand new concept celebrating the richness and diversity of Indonesian culture will descend upon Bali for its inaugural year: Ubud Food Festival created by Janet de Neefe who has given Ubud the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival for 14 years now..

Uniting some of Indonesia’s most celebrated chefs, international restaurateurs helping to shape the archipelago’s culinary landscape and industry heavy-weights to experience Indonesia’s extraordinary cuisine, Ubud Food Festival will serve up a program rich in food mythology, authenticity and of course, taste.

Embarking on a three-day adventure with Indonesian food as the star, the program will span Cooking Demonstrations, Workshops and Masterclasses, Special Events, Food Forums, Markets,Food Tours, and much more.

Bringing together lovers of food, travel and culture from across Indonesia, Southeast Asia and the globe, Ubud Food Festival will create a sustainable, world-class culinary event that showcases Indonesia’s diverse cuisine, innovative chefs and extraordinary local produce.

Ubud Food Festival is a major annual project of the Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati, with a vision of enriching the lives of Indonesians through community-building and cultural programs. It is the sibling event of Ubud Writers & Readers Festival and Bali Emerging Writers Festival.

All information is at www.ubudfoodfestival.com

The raffle was won by RTN Glenn.


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