Bulletin 19 August 2013

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

August 19, 2013 Meeting

 “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”  Margaret Mead

Bulletin August 19, 2013


Thanks and News from our President

Sue Winski

Sue Winski

Pres Sue opened the meeting with warm thanks to

Sue Bennet

Sue Bennet

Rtn Sue Bennett for hosting a delightful Fellowship dinner…where spirited political conversation was accompanied by great food and everyone remained friends in spite of WIDELY differing political opinions; and thanks to SAA Bruce for correcting the advertisement published in the Bali Advertiser.  (This is one time when we hope visitors to the island weren’t intending to do a make-up at our club ‘cause we weren’t where the ad said we were!) And thanks to Sec Allan for updating and printing copies of our attendance and sign in forms.  

A lovely e-mail was received from PDG Pete Griffith, RC La Jolla Golden Triangle thanking Pres Sue for joining their club meeting while in the USA. Another good news e-mail tells us that Treas Danielle and husband Rich (RC Colorado Springs Interquest) are at long last returning to Bali.  While in the states Danielle and Rich luckily escaped forest fires and flash floods and are now probably thinking a few earthquakes in Bali will be easy to deal with.  

We’re looking forward to seeing Rtn Dr. Antje who will make a whirlwind trip (only two weeks) from Germany to Bali.  We’ll have to wait for that cold German winter before Antje can spend several months with us.

 Great Auction for RC Nusa Dua

Grand Hyatt Jakarta – Three nights Grand Suite

Auction example: US$2,000 value – Grand Hyatt Jakarta – Three nights Grand Suite

RC Nusa Dua has an online auction fundraiser and if you’re thinking you want to stay at some spectacular hotels then for sure go to http://www.rotarybaliauctions.org/ and check out the elegant offerings…and at the same time make it possible for a child with cleft palate to obtain free surgery and a  splendid new smile.

 Our new website is marching along thanks to PP Rosalind. Sometime soon we’re looking forward to a peek at it. Knowing Rosalind, this new website will fulfill all our dreams and then some…and she loves working on this demanding project.

 Fellowship Visits Coming Up




September 11 we’re all invited to visit the Inspirasia Foundation’s new facility. VP Rucina, Rtn Glenn and AG Marilyn are organizing this Fellowship, so do save the date. Check out the amazing charitable work supported by the Foundation and the tragedy that led to its creation http://www.inspirasia.org/. It took enormous love and dedication to find the silver lining in a devastating black cloud that none of us in Bali will ever forget.

 In October the Fellowship plan is a visit to the Mask Museum…everyone who has visited the museum raves about it and soon we’ll all get to see this beautiful and historic collection.

 Sydney Rotary International Conference 

Rotary International COnvention 2014

And don’t forget to get signed up for the Rotary International Conference in Sydney. You can do it all on-line and if you register early you get a break on the cost. Take advantage of the savings NOW!  http://www.riconvention.org/en/2013/Pages/Sydney2014.aspx

 Our famous VP Rucina

Rucina as a young dancer

Rucina as a young dancer

We’re proud of our own VP Rucina featured in a recent magazine article. If you want to know what it’s like for an expat to become a religious leader in a Balinese village, hear it from our own VP Rucina who, with her Balinese husband, are serving in that capacity. This requires their planning for ceremonies in the village, attending every wedding, participating in every cremation….and more!  It’s a full-time job and fulfills an obligation to do service in their village…not unlike Rotary! Read the article about Rucina in Inspired Bali Magazine http://www.inspired-bali.com/

 The club’s Foundation chair offers special thanks for generous contributions to The Rotary Foundation from PP Lloyd, Rtn Cat and Pres Sue.  No amount is too small and definitely, no amount is too large!



Agung Putri, Director of Policy Research and Advocacy

Agung Putri

Agung Putri

More politics and this time from a REAL political candidate. Agung Putri, Director of Policy Research and Advocacy, is running for office and she spoke directly and realistically about the political shortcomings in Indonesia. Office seekers frequently make promises without ever saying how these promises will be implemented, and if successfully elected promptly forget those promises.  She spoke with great enthusiasm about the Mayor of Jakarta who is actually delivering on promises made to his electorate, and unlike many other politicians is ethical, honorable and experienced in governance. This Mayor stays in close touch with his constituency, especially those that are truly in need of government aid, and puts up with no nonsense from his staff:  play it straight or get out of the game.

Often politicians gain office based on ‘money politics’…offering donations to villages, giving tee shirts to potential voters and suggesting the possibility of lucrative employment. Many candidates run for office with little or no experience and limited education. The voting population is losing faith in government and fewer are bothering to vote.    

 Putri is attempting to educate voters to be more proactive in selecting candidates and to question elected officials rather than simply ignore shortcomings…not an easy task. There has been some gradual change resulting from an outspoken body of voters which sets an excellent example for all the people, and this gives Agung Putri hope for the future.  

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