Bulletin 19 January 2015

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West

Bulletin January 19, 2015

Members Present: Rucina, Sue Winski, Marilyn, Cat, Danielle, Bruce, Janet

Guests: Barbara Singer, Jalanta K, Johnny Lucas, Mitch Longhurst, Anne Marie from up the hill

Visiting Rotarians: Rich Foss RC Interquest, Chris Kemp RC Richmond Melbourne, Jim Ruh RC Santa Barbara Sunrise, Bobbie Ruh RC Vale Colorado


IPP Sue at work again

IPP Sue at work again

IPP Sue stood in for Pres Philip who is ill tonight.

Rtns Chris Kemp and Mitch

Rtns Chris Kemp and Mitch

Rtn. Chris, who was visiting from his club in Australia, told us about the Bottle for Bottle project which he initiated to reduce plastic waste for Balinese and Australian children.  His friend, Mitch, is here for 6 months working with Balinese schools on the project.

VP Rucina announced the fundraiser for the salt farmers of Les at the Yoga Barn Saturday January 24 at 7 pm featuring professional clown acrobats. The very funny acrobats will be touring Canada soon.

Rtn. Janet has been away for health issues. She



celebrated her 65th birthday in the Sahara desert.

Sue spent most of the today filling in the final report for the HV clinic Global Grant.  She commented just how complicated this process can be but how worthwhile it is.

Rich Foss at Aas with well bore

Rich Foss at Aas with well bore; yellow water tanks in background

Rtn. Richard announced that on Wednesday they will attend a ceremony with the Schnieders in Amed with Rotarian Ping in his new home.  Pak Ping has been very helpful on many of the successful water projects Rich has worked on over the last several years.

It’s been a while since the club has had a real Club Assembly, so thanks to Sue, Feb 2 will be a Club Assembly instead of a regular meeting to be held at Sue Winski’s house. [UPDATE: POSTPONED UNTIL PRES PHILIP HAS RECOVERED!]

Cat taking minutes

Cat taking minutes

Sect. Cat reported on the DSG that was hastily cobbled together over 36 hours to meet a tight deadline. This project will provide knowledge and awareness of reproductive health issues for young people in West Sumba and their parents.  Apparently the young girls on this area have a very high incident of pregnancy, so this educational process will give education to the girls and the boys in the area hopefully reducing this situation.



Exec. Secty. Marilyn explained the concept of District Designated Funds from RC which we can use as discretionary funding.  Judith Schneider had set up a tax-deductible entity in Calif.  Into this people can contribute tax deductible amounts that are then routed for use on projects here. Thank you Judith!

Sue reported on the many projects funded by DSG in our district, to help our club decide how to allocate next year’s funds.

The Taman Rotary Club will be planting over 1000 trees in Nusa Penida; we are all welcome to join.

Marilyn talked about the RC Ubud Foundation, which was registered in the US in 2008 to raise funds in the US for our club projects in Bali.

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker Johnny Lucas

Guest Speaker Johnny Lucas

Our speaker Johnny Lucas from Toronto gave a presentation on giving good presentations. He stressed the importance of structure, knowing your audience, not wasting time and being prepared. He takes one hour to prepare for each hour of speaking time.  Normal speaking pace is 150 words a minute, which helps manage delivery time. Start with your second-best point, work your way down and finish with your most important point. People will only remember three points. The basic issues are to be yourself, be prepared and be clear.

affle Prize Winner Guest Janita

Raffle-Prize Winner, Guest Janita

The raffle prize of notebook was won by guest Janita.


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