Bulletin 19 September 2016

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at the Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud or the Kakiang Garden Café, Ubud

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Gandhi

Bulletin September 19, 2016



Penny And Raelene

Sec. Penny lead tonight’s meeting and did a great job.  We will start rotating who will lead meetings to give everyone a chance to have some fun.

NOTICE: Starting in October, we will only have TWO MEETINGS A MONTH.  On the 2nd Monday, at Kakiang, and the last Monday, at Maya.  We want to try this out and then in January re-evaluate if people like it.

Penny asked how we obtained raffle items for the meetings. Treasure Allan said in the recent past he had purchased items.  While President Bruce said he never remembered the club having to purchase Bruceclub raffle items and that members had just donated things.  It was suggested that if any member had something they wanted to donate, just to wrap it (even in newspaper was fine) and bring it to a meeting.  Raffles are a great way to raise a little extra money at meetings when there are many members and guests.

Somehow we got talking about how originally Rotary was a ‘Men’s Only Club’ and that a few clubs are still unofficially ‘Men Only’ and a few are even ‘Women Only’ clubs.  Being that it is 2016, we all had a hard time imagining such a thing.

Penny began a discussion about how our club could be more relevant in our community.  Several ideas were proposed:

  • Bike Ride…Sobek/Greenbike …look at bike people for hiring of bikes…get in touch with Ida Bagus – Allan to follow up. We could have this as our ‘Summer Fundraising Event”.  Sponsor a bike ride, put up posters, etc.
  • Bird Walks with Siu Made – many people would enjoy this and Siu Made has taken over for our local bird expert the late Victor Mason.
  • Anne Marie and one of her incredible textile creations

    Anne Marie and one of her incredible textile creations

    Beading Day with Anne Marie who is a fantastic artist who adds beads to fabric to make incredible ‘paintings’

  • Cooking Lesson Day … someone will get in touch with Dewa. Our Vocational Director RTN Danielle will research her cooking people.
  • Frisbee Day – see David Wood
    • We want to focus our efforts on one area and be able to value add and build on and extend our influence/support e.g. Karangasem and maybe listing skills as a source of support…not just money…therefore extending the ownership and problem solving to the communities.
    • Building on what we have already done in the past.

Penny continued the discussion:

  • RTN Rich mentioned that distance is a problem for many since those in Bali with the most needs tend to be difficult for many to get to.
  • Allan said that consolidating what we are doing and have it easily communicated. We can do more than one thing at a time…plus some things locally that are relatively easy to facilitate and to support Rotaracts. For example, have people who could put some money in and buy toothpaste, books stationary, etc. and present to Rotaractors.
  • For engagement we need to be able to do more things, in addition to the John Fawcett Foundations which entails a phone call so doesn’t require much work on the clubs side but produces great results. Also, the JFF is a great opportunity to invite guests to see how we help the Balinese in need.
  • RichAndDanielle

    Rich And Danielle

    Our Vocation Director, RTN Danielle clarified her point from last week’s meeting, about small is good but we must always look for more members. She didn’t mean to imply that our club shouldn’t grow.  ‘Don’t let our size put us off while at the same time we must look for members.’ “Small but mighty”

  • Rotaract report:
  • RYLA – We thanked Allan for getting in touch with David re RYLA.
  • Helmets Project. Members have galvanized behind the helmet project and have come up with schools and suggestions.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste are to be stockpiled for guests who would like to buy and present to schools etc. with Rotaractors. This is a great little project that a guest or new member can jump right into and feel like they are doing something good on short notice.
  • Need to get in touch with the Lockes, who are arriving next week. They have donated toothbrushes and tooth paste in the past. Rich and Danielle will get in touch with them to see if they would be interested in doing the same once again.
  • Shaun has spoken to his youth committee re sponsorship

IPP. AllanAllan suggested that we sponsor a member of the community for RYLA this year, rather than Rotaractors.  RYLA is aimed to broadly provide an opportunity for young people to gain leadership experience. Maybe we look at the whole community in the budget, if we get the donation.

  • Open Forum on projects and issues


  • 3 schools in Tagalalang have been identified as the next ‘Helmets’ schools. Also we are trying to get the Kapala Desa to support the project. He wants to do some green stuff as well.


  • Bruce will be attending the special Grant Management Seminar which will be in English next Saturday and will report
    Christmas Fundraising Dinner Poster

    Christmas Fundraising Dinner

    back on what he has learned at next week’s meeting.

  • Bruce reported on the progress of our 3rd Annual Rotary Christmas Fundraising Event, again this year at the 5 star Maya on 4 December. He suggested we set aside the meeting on 10 Oct to devote to the Fundraiser and see what still needed to be done and who could do it.
    • Are there tasks that we can share here?
    • Flyer to advertise prizes? We now have about 70million rupiah worth of raffle items.
    • Final say on the ticket. Penny had her friend do a nice ticket design and one was settled on.  Bruce to provide verbiage to go on the ticket and other details to Penny.
    • Tickets to be bought through Maya. Maya has been a great friend of our club for the last 8 years and this year they agreed to handle ALL ticket sales, cash, charges, and bank transfers.  They will hold all tickets until the night of the event and then people will pick up their tickets that night.  So if you sell tickets to friends, etc. and/or buy some yourself, the cash and the purchaser’s name will need to be taken to May so that they can know when the event is sold out!
    • They have given us the menu which contains many vegetarian and many vegan choices so the event will be perfect for every diet need.
    • When people buy tickets from us or from Maya, Maya will ask if the ticket is for veggie or not so they get a good idea on how much to make for each diet need.

AnneMarieBruce then surprised our frequent guest and good friend of our club, Anne Marie with an Honorary Member Certificate.   She was very touched by this and had a beaming smile on her face for the remainder of the meeting.   Welcome Anne Marie who has always been most generous to the club for raffles and fundraising and supporting always our guest speakers and functions.


Bruce asked Allan about how people could contribute to our club. In the past we had two ways listed on our website.  One was our local bank account information and the other was an address in the US that could be used for tax deductible contributions.  Since it is unclear to us how this US address handles contributions, we have removed it from our web site.  Bruce is to contact Marilyn and find out how this works and how we can handle this in the future.

Allan reported that all monies have been banked.  The only outstanding bill is “The Bell”.

Bruce volunteered to put together a narrative of the story of Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.



Funding is coming for Kaler, who is in the last months of his Ph.D. studies in Java.  Our club has been supporting his family this entire time and we just received word that the Schneider’s club has contribute to this effort.

Bruce said that he had attended the Seminyak meeting last week and they had done a great presentation showing all the projects they had completed and the value of each, plus projects they were working on that needed funding.  We should do the same.  Allan said we used to have a one page description of all our projects and need to find that. He will follow up by looking in our box at Maya, and our G-drive for more info that Cat wrote up and maybe get in touch with her.

Meeting closed.


Ray & Sue Bishop

Next meeting: Kakiang – 19 September – 5:30 for 6:00 start.  Ray & Sue Bishop of Rumah Sehat clinic in Karangasem will speak about their clinic and the new school they are opening there.  Also Bing will bring a cancer patient that we helped financially, who wants to thank our club.



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