Bulletin 20 June 2016

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at the Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud or the Kakiang Garden Café, Ubud

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”  ― Charles Dickens

Bulletin June 20, 2016


We couldn’t have a better ‘Farwell RY 2015-16’ meeting than the one held tonight.


Cute Rotaracts

Firstly, the outgoing and new incoming Presidents of the Ubud Rotaracts Fitri and Yeni, plus four Rotaracts more joined us.  It was great to see their youth (average age about 19), and their energy and dedication.  Currently they have more than 20 members!  PE Bruce told them how much we wanted to work with them this coming year.  We want to help them and see how they can help us and both clubs work closely together to help the Balinese.

First Lady Raelenes Flowers

First Lady Raelenes Flowers

Next as a super surprise Bruce presented the outgoing First Lady of RCBUS, Raelene, a huge flower display that now sits proudly in their villa.  People don’t know how much the wife of the President does to help her husband get through the year.  So we gave Raelene a standing ovation.  I can still see the smile radiating on her face.

Bruce next mentioned that the Stewardship Committee will now be called the Projects Stewardship Committee.  He also gave an overview of how projects will originate and the process that we will use.  Basically, ANY member can have an idea for a project.  The person should consult with one or more other members to help decide if it is a workable project, one already tried, too expensive, etc.  Once the few kinks are worked out, a Project Proposal is written and given to the Board for consideration.  If it is approved, work can begin and the Project Stewardship Committee becomes involved to help ensure that everything is done per the rules, etc. of Rotary!

Next Bruce told us a little of what he learned from the Grant Management Seminar he attended.  Basically, Rotary has Global Grants that fund US$30,000 or more and then there are District Grants.  Currently our District Grant can fund up to US$1,300.  So we must get busy putting together a

Rotaracts And Outgoing and Incoming RCBUS Presidents

Rotaracts And Outgoing and Incoming RCBUS Presidents

proposal for a District Grant.  Bruce has already contact RTN Dr. Steve Wagnall concerning have him combine several of his HIV proposals into one large one so we can apply for a Global Grant.  In addition, Pres. Allan suggested as a club we concentrate projects in the Karangasem area and apply for our District Grant there.  Perhaps even a Global Grant if we can combine enough smaller projects.

RTN Penny updated us on the Helmets project.  We are still awaiting delivery of our first 100 helmets.  Bruce has volunteered to dutifully inspect all 100 when they arrive.



Guest Speaker David Wood

Guest Speaker David Wood

David Wood gave an inspiring talk (aimed at the Rotaracts mostly) on “How RYLA Changed My Life”.  At the age of 7 his 5 year old sister was killed by school bus – which he witnessed.  It had a profound effect on his life.  Luckily at 37 he found out about RYLA.

David Wood And Rotaracts

David Wood And Rotaracts

Two things that happened that stood out to him during the RYLA programme. A young woman in the programme didn’t even know him and said ‘ýou are beautiful and I love you’ .  He had no idea how to deal with that.  Male physical contact was hard for him to deal with at the time but subconsciously he knew he wanted to do that- so he it set as a goal.

He became an actuary.  He became successful but the seed that RYLA planted was growing and he continued finding out how to be a better human being.

He quit corporate life and went back to Australia and became a musician and made it all about personal growth. How can I help people?

He began as a life coach. He built up a list of over 150,000 people on email , and became the number one on google list of life coaches. He helped life coaches to turn into a business.

He then wrote book ‘Get paid for who you are’ , and presented a copy to Fitri.

Discussions ensued with a question

What I do not want you to know about me?  He had us break into partners and each answered that question to their partner.  It show how Vulnerability can be scary!

Done many things I’m proud of – mostly due to RYLA

After the exercise, David offered to sponsor a Rotaract for RYLA and Veni will find out when and where and will get back to us.

Meeting closed at 7:00

Next Meeting to be at Kakiang on Monday 01 August 5:30-7PM.

See here: http://rotarybaliubudsunset.org/attend-a-meeting-location-map/   Remember that Guests are ALWAYS welcomed and encouraged to attend our Monday evening meetings. Invite them to come see what our club is all about and how we are devoted to helping the local Balinese. Our club priorities are Health, Hygiene, and Water. To ensure a seat, please email us before Monday noon, at meeting (at) rotarybaliubudsunset (dot) org


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