Bulletin 20 March 2017

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl. Andong at 5:30 PM

And the last Monday of the month at Maya Resort & Spa, Ubud at 5:30 PM

“Do all the good you can and serve one another” Hillary Clinton

 Bulletin March 20, 2017


Bruce Briscoe

Bruce Briscoe

Sue Bennet

Sue Bennet

Pres. Bruce opened the meeting by welcoming all our members and guests.  He also pointed out for a special welcome, RTN Sue Bennet, who had been busy in California taking care of her husband RTN Don Bennet.  He also welcomed our returning guests Ayu of the Denpasar Rotary club and the Jagger’s, Judi and Eddie.

Bruce then had Treas. Allan speak about some ongoing projects:

  • The purchased 3 classrooms worth of books for Kelusa SDN
  • RYLA – we are sponsoring two Rotaract to attend the next RYLA event.
  • Allan will present a Project Request to fund 8 Rotaracts, for transportation expenses to Rotaract Conference in Surabaya in May.
  • We are also supporting and funding for Bumi Sehat for a “Healthy Day”.
  • Sue has brought many toothbrushes with her on this visit to give to schools.

Abe is Pinned

Villagers in Muntigunung processing Rosella

Bruce also announced that our new member Abe will be the official Greeter for meetings at the Maya, we know he’ll do a good job.  Bruce also announced that Allen is now our President-Elect and will take over the one year position on 1 July 2017!  Bruce also spoke about the Daniel Elber products made by the villagers in the Muntigunung area of Bali.  These were villagers who in the past had NO water and had to walk 3-5 hours every day to obtain water for their village.  But now, as a result of Daniel’s efforts to have them save water during their short rainy season, they can now create products for sale: cashews, rosella, palm sugar, hammocks and more.  By the end of the meeting Bruce had orders for over 2M rupiah in products.

Bruce also announced that he had sent his 4th article about our club to the Bali Advertiser for free inclusion.  This one is entitled “How YOU can give back to your Bali community”.  The Bali Advertiser has been very good to our club and we appreciate their help.


Our newest member RTN Renee spoke about a project she is interested in: wheel-chairs for poor Balinese who have sever mobility problems and now have a wheel chair which has opened up their horizon to be able to take care of themselves.  A Rotary club in Canada has raised US$40,000 and has provided almost 300 wheel-chairs for distribution in Bali.  These wheel-chairs with the help of Google have a chip that tracks the actual usage of the chairs.  So if it is seen that the chair is not being used, for whatever reason, it is given to someone else.  What a great project that, again, directly helps Balinese in need.

It was also announced that our club will split the cost of a John Fawcett Foundation to a village near us with the Seminyak Rotary Club.  Plus we are considering going in on a Global Grant with them for Rumah Sehat in Ubud.  Bruce went into a little detail concerning what each of these 2 great organizations do to directly help the Balinese people.


Allan then gave a nice introduction of Emas Hitam Permaculture.  They do educating and assisting farmers (of several areas) to plant moringa, one of the richest sources of essential nutrients often lacking in people’s diets, every part of the plant is said to have beneficial properties.  Kadek and Wen spoke about what they are doing in the area.  Wen explained that they try and instill the concept of Regenerative Agricultural Techniques into the way the farmers work in Bali.  They deliver 10-15 days of concentrated agricultural training after determining what kind of help the local villagers need.  They use IDEP materials that has already been developed. They mentioned that they had been told by several local farmers that the farmers appreciated that THIS NGO actually was training and teaching people on how to be more self-sufficient.  Unlike previous NGOs were there for a short time and then left.

Our next meeting will be NOT 27 March because of NYEPI on that date that is why this meeting was today.  Our next meeting will be 10 April at Kakiang Garden Café 5:30PM-7PM.  It will followed by a Board Meeting.

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