Bulletin 21 January 2013

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3420/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

‘Change brings opportunity’. Nido Qubein

BULLETIN January 21, 2013

Attending: Antje, Bill, Bruce, Cat, Mr. Chu, Chris, Danielle, Driya, Fred, Lloyd, Marilyn, Philip, Probo, Rosalind, Sue

Guests: Rtn Richard Foss (RC Colorado Springs Interquest USA), Rotaracts Pres Tari and Arcana, Anna Marie Kipar, Bridget Carson, Robert Girling, Sherry Keith, Johan, Guest Speaker Liza Dawn


Vacationing Pres Rosalind returned to Bali early….Myanmar thronging with visitors on holiday…and happily suggested we pretend she’s still off-island. PP/PE Sue took the lead for the week’s meeting, getting back into practice for once again assuming the Presidency on July 1.

PE Sue and AG Marilyn brought back news about the oldest Rotary club in Indonesia, RC Yogyakarta. This extremely active club made us feel warmly welcomed and shared interesting ideas with us as well as an opportunity to renew old friendships. Meetings start with their unique Rotary song and a benediction. Members celebrating birthdays bring goodies for everyone! Rotaracts are often invited and at this meeting, Rotaract Devina told us about how she was heading to University in Boston to study International Relations. She had just spent a year as an exchange student with a family in a town of 800 people in Iowa. Devina brought a Tupperware container for each of us and all kinds of delicious Java sweet treats to put into them. The start and end of each meeting is noted with a gong rather than a bell. And very impressive was their weekly book of proceedings that included the minutes of the previous meeting, lots of pictures and a brief bio of every member.

IMG_0132 IMG_0133VP Danielle shared a lovely card from past guest Rtn Robyn Kushing (RC Victoria). Robyn didn’t have a flag with her, but the card and message will take its place amongst our collection of banners. 

PP Sue reminded us that if we must miss one of our own meetings, try to attend any of the other Bali clubs for a make-up and the fun of spending time with fellow Rotarians whom we might not see as frequently as we would like.

IMG_0122PP Lloyd stressed the importance of planning a fundraiser. We’ve historically been successful raising project funds via international partners, but it would be wonderful to have discretionary funds that would allow us to respond to local requests for financial help and to do small projects… using our own resources. Lloyd asked us all to put on our thinking caps and come up with suggestions for a fundraiser (one you’d be willing to work on. Fundraisers take a lot of enthusiastic effort). Ideas included a Halloween party, home and garden tour and a progressive dinner.

PE Sue announced another Board outcome…the beginning of monthly potlucks. It will be a grand opportunity for all of us to be together just for fun. First hosts will be VP Philip and Rtn Rustiasa on Feb 17, a Sunday.  Bring a dish to share and your appetites.  Philip will advise details and directions soon.

Two of our expat Rtn members who continue to maintain primary homes in their native countries, are Zsuzsa (Canada) and Antje (Germany). This evening PP Sue asked Zsuzsa to fill us in on what she’s been up to in Canada for the past 10 months…and it’s been a LOT! ZZ’s involvement in volunteer activities included training boards of NGO’s , one run by 25 year olds who taught music in classrooms as a tool for raising self-esteem. She also worked closely with a naval base in Victoria that supports troops and families and operates over 50 programs for military families. An additional activity delivered ‘quantum mind’ theory to 70 year olds, using the latest information about the brain and how individuals can work with mind and spirit to go places never before experienced. And finally, a project that helped retirees transition into ‘encore careers’. ZZ reminded us that many retirees can look forward to 40 vital years of involvement after retirement.

Anne Marie presents her batik art work to Pres. Rosalind.

Anne Marie presents her batik art work to Pres. Rosalind.

Non-member but a guest with perfect attendance, Anna Marie Kipar, donated one of her highly valued works, a playfully embroidered piece, to the school for physically challenged kids that Sec Rucina has been mentoring. It will be a welcome addition to an often very boring school interior!! The club happily accepted this gift in Ru’s absence. Many thanks Anna Marie.

The Bali-wide Peace Essay Forum is on January 27 and our club is sponsoring 51 students. They’ll be transported in two big buses, departing at 6:30 a.m from Campuhan College to the Jimbaran campus of Udayana University. Contest winners will be announced and prizes handed out. Thanks to PE Sue, Sec Philip, Rtns Rustiasa, Sudana and Ade for organizing our participation in this event. As yet undetermined is who gets to ride with the kids!

Chris displays his raffle prize, tshirt from Yogyakarta

Chris displays his raffle prize, tshirt from Yogyakarta

PEN Bill gave us the latest great news on a $23,000 private foundation grant for Bali Peduli’s HIV Aids work.   The focus of this project is underserved women and children, many of whom are HIV positive.  Working with Bali Peduli Kuta Clinic, outreach workers have already been hired and have had their first meeting with doctors from Gianyar hospital.  The hospital has no outreach program and has identified 300 positive clients with only 60 on medication.  Outreach support is clearly needed. 

A second HIV project, a Global Grant, with international sponsors RC La Jolla Golden Triangle and RC Blythe in California’s District 5340 is now under review by RI.  We’re waiting for news. 

PE Sue let us know we still have cookbooks looking for interested chefs and then invited  Rotaract Pres Tari and PP Arcana to return next week so they could be included on the agenda…as usual, the agenda was FULL!!



IMG_3951 jan 21Liza Dawn came to us representing the R.O.L.E. (Rivers, Oceans, Lands, Ecology) Foundation.  This NGO is involved in many projects but Liza wanted to specifically talk about their Waste to Wonder program conducted at ROLE’s Island Sustainability Center.  The Center was developed in 2007 on 1.5 hectares of land with the intention of producing teaching permaculture, waste management, traditional weaving using natural dyes and other eco-friendly products, organic farming, and snail farming.  (Lloyd wanted to know if the snails were sold to become a tasty dish and the answer was ‘yes’.) 

 The Waste to Wonder project focuses on solid waste management and has been actively supported by RC Nusa Dua.  One of the project challenges was to first put a regular garbage collection system in place for the target villages and then prove that vegetables could be grown in an arid environment.  The garbage was used to make compost thus improving the quality of the soil and today an array of vegetables is successfully growing. 

Approximately 2,000 children visit the Center each year (thanks to a bus donated by RC Nusa Dua) and are invited to join the Eco-Ambassador program to become trainers in their own villages. 

To learn more go to  www.rolefoundation.org

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