Bulletin 21 March 2016

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at the Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud or the Kakiang Garden Café, Ubud

 “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston S. Churchill

Bulletin March 21, 2016



AllanPres. Allan opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then giving us all updates on some of our projects:

Our latest projects-

  1. Chef Made Runatha of Moksa will be contacted by RTN Penny to confirm with Made when would be the best time and place for him to visit and speak with us: Penny reported that Made is available and willing at any time to meet with us. She will confirm the 30 May meeting with him and maybe suggest he might like to give a little demonstration.  We also want to have a meeting soon at his restaurant and see MobileLibraryKidsBookshis organic gardening.
  2. “Helmets for kindergarteners was explained:
    1. Action Item: Organise posters which can be adapted for Ubud. Chris will/has sent…good exposure as to how Rotary is helping.
  3. Rotaracts Mobile Library project – will be having a Mobile library project day on Sunday the 27th March in Batublatuh – if anyone wants to participate we are meeting on the main road of Batublatuh turn off at Toyota sign after turn right at traffic lights @ 8:45 am on this Sunday.
  4. We are putting a proposal together to support the Rotaract’s library project. We want to add writing pads and pencils for the students to be given by the Rotaracts when do their library book visits

Allan also updated us on some club business:

  • President – Bylaws update – Allan &Bruce to draft changes for review
  • Treasury – End year bank statements will be filed on GDrive. Allan to follow up


Bruce Briscoe

Bruce Briscoe

VP Bruce updated us on some things he is working on:

  • He sent out an email to all members explaining how our club can have more exposure in Facebook by Posting events, and meeting information on each of our own Facebook pages and asking our friends to also Post on their pages.
  • Also how to do the same with our website pages being Posted on our own Facebook pages
  • Bruce said that the Rotaracts had said that schools had requested that we find puppets for them to use in the classroom to help the children, so he suggested that Amazon has hand puppets for sale for as little as US$10 and we may be able to purchase some for the club.
    • Bruce said he is developing a list of speakers primarily from the Bali Advertiser. He suggested to members that we keep our ears and eyes open for possible guest speakers.  He has already signed up:
      • March 28 speaker: Elizabeth Hanzell from Villa Kitty
      • April 25 speaker: Kevin Kamala – ecofriendly products
      • May 30 speaker: Chef Made/ Janur from Moksa – sustainable and healthy eating.
      • June 27 – this meeting will a Turn-over of club officers so we will not have a guest speaker
      • July 25 – perhaps Gaya Warren from Bali Pink Ribbon – an organization that does cancer screening for Balinese women

Vitri and Yenni of Rotaractors

We were also honored to have the current and next President of the Rotaract attending our meeting tonight.  President Yenni and president elect Vitri reported:

  • This upcoming year there will be a focus on equipment to continue projects and much delight and thanks conveyed to Diane Parker via Judith and Bill who made a wonderful donation to the Mobile library project being run by Rotaract. The books stay at each school for one week and there is a new school each month…now that there is a much greater selection of books to choose from…thanks again to D. P.
  • Promotion for projects and Rotaract in general through Facebook and Instagram Rotaract Bali Ubud
  • The club has 14 new members with 20 active members all together – the secret to their success is they enjoy their projects and its infectious!
  • Semarang conference in Central Java is coming up in May…for future discussion with RCBUS to sponsor BaliUbudRotaract.
  • Rotaract Bali had a Hong Kong Rotaract visit
  • 5 Rotaracts in Bali with lots of cross club communication through Whats App for support of each other’s projects
  • Has been a need to make Rotaract cards (Bruce and Allan will try to extract the template from RI for name cards for Rotaract). Meetings are now being held in business co-working space in Nyuh Kuning – ‘Outpost’ which has offered free space. Being seen as a mutually rewarding relationship as guest speakers from both groups can be accessed by business community there and Rotaract members.

Planning for the next president of Rotaract – Vitri:


  • regionalization – recruit new members – have good space for meetings now so would like to concentrate on professional development to be able to benefit professionally from Rotary as well as participate in projects. (provides incentive for new members)
  • would like more cross-use with Rotary and Rotaract to help each other’s projects.
  • Would like to create a website as part of professional development (which also could be part of Rotary and Rotaract working together and sharing resources). Bruce said he would help with advice if they had one of their members that wanted to be responsible for their new site
  • Provide presentations that can attract outside people who would be able to train/teach a number of people / may want to learn

ACTION: RCBUS needs to nominate a contact person to be a go between our club and the Rotaract club.

Danielle Foss Headshot

Danelle Foss

RTN Danielle Foss moved to thank

Judith & Bill Schneider

Judith & Bill Schneider

Judith and Bill Schneider for all their support and wish them a speedy and safe trip and return!

AG Patrick, Bruce and Allan had an intensive 2 1/2 hour training session to inculcate Bruce into the intricacies and mysteries of running a Rotary Club as the president for next year.

Bill noted that we are lucky to have two P.E.s in the room reflecting the future of Bali Rotary.

Judith mention that RTN Sue and RTN Don Bennett aren’t able to come as soon as they had hoped due to ill health.

RTN Terri will be back on Friday and the meeting after Elizabeth’s talk will see a visit from Richard’s club to present funds raised for the water project.

Vitri thanked us for our time and was reciprocated from Allan.



Raffle won by Vitri and Yenni

Meeting closed at 7:00

The meeting of the 28th of March will be at Maya Resort and Spa.  Our quest speaker will be Elizabeth Henzell from Villa Kitty Bali, a cat rescue organization.  http://rotarybaliubudsunset.org/attend-a-meeting-location-map/   Remember that Guests are ALWAYS welcomed and encouraged to attend our Monday evening meetings. Invite them to come see what our club is all about and how we are devoted to helping the local Balinese. Our club priorities are Health, Hygiene, and Water. To ensure a seat, please email us before Monday noon, at meeting (at) rotarybaliubudsunset (dot) org


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