Bulletin 21 May 2012

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
“My three Ps: passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker”.
Robert Wise


Attending: Allan, Bill, Bruce, Donna, Gabe, LLoyd, Marilyn, Philip, Rosalind, Rucina, Rustiasa, Sue

Guests: Rtn Kathleen Roche Tansey (RC La Jolla Golden Triangle USA), Rtn Richard Foss (RC Colorado Springs Interquest, USA), Rtn David Lock (RC Kenmore, Australia), Ann Lock, Deborah Kurfiss, Radityg Santosa, Aditya, Dewa Widhi, Agus Aristana, Guest Speaker Soma Helmi


Our very special guest Rtn Kathleen Roche Tansey representing RC La Jolla Golden Triangle was introduced by PP Sue.  Sue and Kathleen are friends from way back, and in fact, Sue was introduced to Rotary for the first time 5 years ago at Kathleen’s home in California.  It’s through Kathleen’s good offices and guidance our club was given the opportunity to carry out our first Global Grant….more on that later.

Great News!

Sue with Judy Klinginsmith when the RI President visited Bali. Just two Indiana girls)

Our own PP Sue was selected for a very special Rotary Service Award… one of only 10  Rotarians selected in all of District 3400.  We are wildly proud of her and look forward to her stepping up to receive this auspicious award at Discon on June 23.  Rtns Donna and Gabe immediately offered to go with Sue but this was accompanied by excited murmurings about how great the shopping was in Bandung. Hmmmmm.  PICTURE OF SUE…YOU FIND ONE

Another Dues Reminder: While everyone was still in awe of Sue’s award she took the opportunity to remind us that dues were DUE no later than June 30.  Just in case you don’t remember, dues for the entire year are one million rupiah…or 500,000 per half year.

Sweet Memories – a Rotarian who keeps his word

Recently we received photos from Pino Davi of the Palermo Sud Rotary Club in Italy.  He had promised to send us his photos when he and his wife visited the club in 201o.  Just last week we received them.  Thanks so much, Pino

Health Day – How can a Global Grant project be so darn much fun!

The much anticipated Health Day was held in Kerta at SD #2 and the turnout was spectacular.  Eight doctors, nurses and staff from the government clinic (Puskesmas) were there to examine all of the children and countless family members.  Moms, dads, little and big brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, distant cousins and even a few passersby lined up to be examined by internists, general practitioners, ENTs (ear nose and throat), dermatologists and even a nurse to take their blood pressure.  Then of course the dentists!  This group of children had really awful dental hygiene and Rtn Rucina spent most of the morning soothing youngsters who either wouldn’t open their mouths or were in tears after having a tooth extracted.  Prior to going through the examinations, the doctors carefully explained the importance of washing hands, bathing, keeping hair clean and brushing teeth.  After all those bad teeth were found, the doctors reconvened the children and asked how many had toothbrushes.  

Horrors, there were only nine youngsters in the entire school who raised their hands.   This was soon remedied because each child was given a package containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, vitamins and head lice powder.  The doctors had brought meds to treat skin problems and a myriad of other minor conditions.  Some of the children were told to have their parents bring them into the clinic for follow-up treatment.  The clinic staff was delighted with what they were able to accomplish and the large number of patients they were able to treat and asked if more of these Health Days could be organized at elementary schools.  CERTAINLY!!

The club had terrific help from the Ubud Rotaracts who made the necessary contacts with the Puskesmas, organized the packages given to the children, checked them in for their exams, kept children occupied playing games while they wait their turn to be examined and even made a great banner!  Another super friend to this project was Ray Carpenter, R.N. who never arrived in Bali without a load of toothbrushes and toothpaste collected from friendly dentists and suppliers.

This event was one of the last prior to completing our Global Grant and we were only sorry that Kathleen representing our international partner arrived in Bali too late to see it all happen.  We’ve supplied her with a gazillion pictures which we are told are each worth a thousand words.  But we missed having her with us anyway.  (More pix at the end of this bulletin.)

HIV/AIDS Project Meeting

HIV AIDS Committee meeting with Bali Peduli Board members Lily Wardoyo and Chris Perks, Kathleen Roche-Tansey, Dr. Steve, Marilyn and Rucina talk project over great food

Kathleen, from our sister club in La Jolla,did arrive Bali in time to attend a dinner meeting with the club’s HIV committee, chaired by Rtn Bill.  Also present were representatives of the Bali Peduli Kuta Clinic board, who we will be partnering with in this project.  Our host was Rtn Dr. Steve, an expert on sexually transmitted diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS.  The proposal for this project will be sent to Kathleen’s club but we know that money is short and we are seeking additional international partners to help fund the project.   Fingers crossed!

Club Assembly June 16

In spite of the fact that we seem to have planned our June 16th Club Assembly on an auspicious Balinese Hindu ceremonial day, the show will go on.  Those who worship will do ceremony in the morning and be at Rtn Gabe’s house ready to WORK by 10 a.m.  All club members are expected to attend.  If a member doesn’t participate they’d better have a note from their parents explaining why!!  Gabe will be publishing a map to her house so getting lost won’t work as an excuse.  Gabe has promised to entertain us singing a song accompanied by her brand new guitar.

New info about  eyeglass donations For those of who have been collecting eyeglasses to bring to third world countries we’re now being told that a $10 dollar donation would do more good!  An Australian team of scientists found that only 7% of a test sample of 275 donated spectacles was usable.  A simple eye exam and a set of glasses from China can be provided for $10, the authors said. About 87% of the world’s populations live in poor or middle income countries.  (Article by Donald G. McNeil Jr,  International Herald Tribune)



Soma Helmi



What a treat to have film maker Soma Helmi with us this evening.  Not only is she talented and beautiful but she has the most relaxed and natural way of presenting that drew us all in…she is mesmerizing!  Before she found her true calling, Soma worked in graphic design and advertising and then found herself in film making some three+ years back.

Members were entranced watching Soma’s short films

Soma showed us what she referred to as her portfolio, snippets from every film she’s made, directed or acted in. That’s when we knew the best was yet to come!  Soma shared her first film with us in its entirety.  Named Eclipse, it was dreamy and made totally underwater.  Based on a very old almost forgotten legend, Soma represented the Moon Goddess who evades a really terrifying underwater creature…but until the creature appears, this underwater film was beautifully calm…and so was Soma.

A second film named Lies was not at all calm.  The tension built up between two

Image from Soma’s first film – it was totally underwater.

lovers, one unfaithful the other unable to give him up…was practically unbearable.  The urge to do bodily damage to the unfaithful lover by the audience was palpable!

We only were allowed a taste of her most recent film…Life in a Day…a global collaboration under the direction of Ridley Scott.  People throughout the world were asked to submit film clips of moments in their day, all to be filmed on the exact same day.  Over 4500 hours of film were submitted.  Soma’s contribution was a bit from the Ubud market at 3 a.m. and like everything else she’s done it was gorgeous.  Bring this woman back!!  We want MORE!!!

More photos from Health Day


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