Bulletin 22 April 2013

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

  “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ― Charles Dickens

Bulletin April 22, 2013


Another Californian Joins Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset:

Glenn Nelson

Glenn Nelson

Glenn Nelson was unanimously voted in by Club Members to be our newest Member.  Glenn comes from Southern California where he was an Internal Auditor in the Aerospace Industry.  Glenn has decided to retire in Bali, a special place that he has a strong affection for.  Classical music, films, and travel are favorite interests of Glenn’s while his professional experience provides him with an expertise in Accounting and Project Management.  Glenn has already expressed an interest in participating in fundraising efforts for the Club.  We found out that Glenn is a neighbor of Marilyn’s so we know that she’ll keep him busy with supporting the Club and the community at large.

“Culinary Crossroads” Cookbook Goes International:

A special thanks was expressed to Jody who just returned back to Bali for distributing the “Culinary Crossroads” Cookbook in the US and Australia.  That’s a far reach for our drive to sell the Cookbook internationally to raise funds for Club Projects.   This is just one example of how a Club Member can continue to service our Club ever while they are away from Bali in their home country.

 Displaced Toilets at a School in Mas:

We had an unexpected visitor from Mas, a neighboring community known for high-volume handicrafts.  Wayan Gondo came to our meeting representing the Mas SD 2 School to discuss their need for toilets for the nearly 200 kids attending the school. As it turns out when the school was being planned by the School Commission in Jakarta, they failed to realize that the toilets destined for that Mas school were placed adjacent to a Temple, which is a big No-No in the Hindu religion.  So the school has not yet been successful convincing the Government to relocate the toilets to another more appropriate location on school-grounds. 

 Be the Best You Can Be:  Fab Club Assembly Last Sunday at LLoyd’s:

Lloyd Hassencahl

Lloyd Hassencahl

LLoyd hosted the Club Assembly Meeting at his home in central Ubud.  Sixteen attending Club Members were treated to Italian and Latin food with our creative abilities enhanced by a little Sangria with our pizza . . . .  or was that a little pizza with our Sangria.  

Rosalind, Sue W., Zsuzsa, and Gabe created a summary from the “what you want from the Club” questionnaire that was sent to all Members for their comments.  The theme of the Assembly Meeting was “be the best you can be” which was uplifting and positive.  One of the primary focuses at the Meeting was to come up with ideas on how to more fully engage Club Members.  The ideas that sprang-up during the discussions were written down by facilitators Zsuza and Gabe so they could be worked-out in more detail following the meeting.  Full notes from the meeting will be distributed to Members and the Board will make some decisions on key action points.

 Zsuzsa reminded us that “each person can make a change but as a group we can do miracles”.

 HIV Testing Center Global Grant has been Awarded to RCBUS! ! !

Sue W. updated Club Members that the long-anticipated HIV Testing Center Global Grant has been accepted by Rotary International and Partnering Clubs.  This $56,000 US Dollar combined Grant and Donation is the result of over 18 months of due-diligence and seeking the best partners in the community.  Hat’s off to the HIV Committee Members who have made this possible.  Of the $56,000 amount, $23,000 came from Rotary International, $17,000 came from Partner Clubs in California including La Jolla Golden Triangle, $14,000 was donated anonymously, and $2,000 came directly from RCBUS funds.  

 HIV / Aids has become a real epidemic in Bali and it is often difficult to find qualified testing facilities.  The HIV Testing Clinic is located in the Puskesmas in Sayan, Ubud, and will offer anonymous testing for anyone.  We are partnering with Bali Peduli who will run and maintain the clinic and testing facilities.  The funds will support the first full year of operation for the clinic.  Sue W. has met with Yunita, the new Operations Manager for Bali Peduli to begin the hand-over process of the Grant Funds. Renovation of the Clinic will begin within the next few days.

 Deborah will create an official press release announcing the Rotary sponsored Grant for the Bali Peduli Clinic.  It is important to note that Bali Peduli will continue to run the Testing Clinic and that our support is allowing them better equipment, and support of the Clinic for one year.

 On a sad note, HIV Testing Center Founding Committee Member, Bill Page, is back in Northern California and has suffered from a stroke.  Bill’s Brother advised us that Bill has been moved to an assisted living home and is resting comfortably.  Our best healing thoughts and wishes are with Bill and his family.

 Rotary Club Woodside Portola Valley Donates Funds to Bumi Sehat Birthing Clinic

Sue B. reports that the Rotary Club Woodside Portola Valley in Northern California in its continuing support of community needs in Bali has made a US $350 donation to Bumi Sehat to reprint and booklet on birthing for expecting mothers.  This booklet is in Bahasa Indonesian and explains what to expect during pregnancy, how to optimize you and your baby’s health, and what to expect during the birthing process.  Sue B.’s Husband, Don Bennett is the President Elect for the Woodside Club.  Thank you Sue and Don B. for your support of Bumi Sehat and expecting mother’s in Bali.



Tari, Fitri, and Gusti from Rotaract Ubud

In our continuing partnership and support of the Rotaract Club Ubud, we arranged to have their current leadership come and join us at RCBUS and update us on their projects.  Tari, President of Rotaract Ubud, gave a PowerPoint presentation summarizing Rotaract’s projects for 2012 including:

                •              Providing books to children at the SDN Keliki School via the Mobile Libraries.  The books were in Bahasa Indonesian with side-by-side translation into English.  The cost of the project and books was sponsored by Rowan McKinnon.

                •              Assisting RCBUS with the Health Days in Kerta where over 400 community members were treated by a professional team of Doctors and Health Professionals.

                •              As a special environmental activity for Mother’s Day, the Rotaracts participated in a clean-up day at Masceti Beach.  They also provided a healthy meal to the women on the beach who collect rocks for cash.

                •              Provided cupboards for the Keliki SDN school for their library.

                •              Built a standing library at SDN Bunutan Karangasem to house the government-provided classroom books.

                •              Clothing and food staples were given to families who were affected by the floods in East Bali.

 Future Projects were then presented by Rotaract Fitri, including:

                •              Second-hand clothing sale as a fundraiser.  If you or your friends have any clothes you can give away, please contact Rotaract Ubud and make a donation.

                •              Mobile Library Units in more schools.  The purpose of this library is to motivate the students through books and play. Rotaract is also looking for films and videos with story-lines that demonstrate good living values.  This media can be shown to students to motivate them to do good things with their lives.

                •              A reforestation program where we plant 1,000 trees pledged to be provided by the government.

                •              Helping high school students understand about HIV and Aids.  Refer them for testing when needed to the Bali Peduli HIV Testing Clinic.

Currently there are 15 Members of Rotaract Ubud which is fewer individuals than in past years. Kaler, a previous member of Rotaract Ubud who has become a Rotarian, mentioned to one of our Members that “its hard for young people to donate their time when there is so much pressure to earn an income to pay for personal and family needs”.  But he also advised “I always tell young people that values are higher than money.  At Rotaract you make new friends, get to help people, and network”.


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