Bulletin 25 September 2017

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl. Andong at 5:30 PM

And the last Monday of the month at Maya Resort & Spa, Ubud at 5:30 PM

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Socrates

Bulletin September 25, 2017


Bruce Briscoe

Bruce Briscoe

The meeting was chaired by IPP Bruce since President Allan is in Australia can will be back in several weeks. Bruce thanked everyone for coming and for bringing guests.  Guests were: Meredith Hartigan , Colorado; Tony Susan, Australia; Di Burge, Melbourne; and Anthony Heaton, Darwin.  Plus our guest speaker Bill Dalton and his son Dian.

Club Business:  It was announcement that we now have 19 members by adding Tika and Kalar.  Welcome to you both!


Rotaract Pres Fitri looks on as Tika tells us about her RLI experience.



Sue Bishop

Sue Bishop

Bruce then reviewed the result of yesterday’s Board Meeting:

  • 3M was allocated to Secty Sue Bishop for Rumah Sahat for support of evacuees. This comes from our Emergency Budgeted Fund. More to be used later – perhaps when the evacuation is over – they will need their homes repaired; farm animals; replaced; tools replaced; etc.
  • All funds collected by us will be given to Treasurer Brian and he will disburse the funds
  • Anne McClellen

    Former Rotarian Annie McClellen gave us 2 big bags of blankets and they will be taken to Kopernic to be taken to the evacuees

  • Sue Bishop announced that their next Healthy Day will be 14 Oct and be held at evacuation places to be announced
  • The club is funding for 20 one year students through Bali Children’s’ Project in Ubud – awaiting bank transfer info

Fund raiserBruce announced that we have received an additional prize – $400 value. Silver necklace donated but John Hardy.  A committee meeting will be held after this meeting to design the event tickets.

Special award to Dora

Special award to Dora

Special Presentation: Bruce called our Community Services Director, Dora to come up. He presented her with a special framed Certificate of Appreciation.  It said:

“For all your dedication to the peoples of Bali in need.  For your never ending hard work and all the time you have put in originating, organizing, overseeing, tracking, photographing, documenting, and completing all the projects you have been involved in, in just the few months you have been our club’s Community Service’s Director in 2017-2018, we present you with this Certificate of Appreciation today!”

Membership Chair, Judith Schneider presented a name badge to RTN Fern.  She also presented to Dora 2 badges for sponsorship of two new members and to Sue for introducing RTN Ray as a member.  A New Member Orientation Meeting will to be organized by Judith and schedule soon for our new Rotarians: Fern, Abe, Tika, Kaler and Ray.

Fern Linden

Then Judith who headed up a nominating committee to find our PE and SE and TE. She presentation our new nominated president elect: Brian Goldman.  He was approved by a show of hands by all present.  Congratulations Brian!  She said we are also looking for members to step up and become the secretary elect and treasurer elect.

Treasurer Brian

We are still looking for speakers for next year.  If you have any ideas, contact Allan.

Bruce introduced Bill Dalton by saying:

Bill Dalton founded Moon Publications in a youth hostel in Queensland, Australia, in 1973, with the publication of his groundbreaking and now famous Bali Handbook.

The Moon Handbooks series has since become the new Normal for travel books and are known for their award-winning, well-written and exceptionally informative guides.

Though his travels have taken him to 81 countries around the world, Dalton has always had a special interest in Southeast Asia. During the past 26 years, he has explored many of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, visiting the country over 50 times and amassing a total of six years in the islands. He’s hitched rides on oil company planes, climbed a dozen volcanoes, ridden on top of buses the length of Sumatra, and trekked through mosquito-infested swamps to live amongst aborigine tribes. He is considered the foremost travel expert on Indonesia.


Guest speaker author Bill Dalton

Guest speaker author Bill Dalton

Bali guidebook

Bali guidebook

Bill Dalton, founder of Moon publications, in 1973 wrote the first Indonesian and Bali travel guides.  Bill explained the difficulties in writing and updating travel guides and how he travelled extensively though SE Asia, particularly Indonesia bringing up to date information for the frugal traveler.  His travel stories of the early 1970s Indonesian were most enjoyable, he currently resides in Tabanan and writes for Bali Advertiser, Jakarta Post and many other publications.

Guidebook publishing is the most difficult type of book making.  Information that must be updated constantly: maps; photos; and text are constantly changing. How to evaluate a travel book – pick a small chapter and look at the index and read a few paragraphs to judge the ‘voice’ of the author. Guidebooks are now being replaced by online guidebooks and apps including TripAdvisor and others. All have access to up to the minute information!

When Bill travels he ignores guidebooks and instead chats with locals to get the best information.  He also likes travelogues instead of guidebooks.  Even older editions of guidebooks, 3-4 years old, are fine.

He began his travel writing by keeping notes for himself.  A fellow traveler noticed and suggested he sell copies.  When he began he knew he was on to something. He had some copies made.  At first 6 pages, then 20 pages, then 60 pages, and then 300+ pages eventually.

In all of his traveling his most memorable times was spent in Afghanistan.  Friendly people, beautiful country.  However, this was many years ago and it has changed much!

He brought examples of his guidebooks going back to 1975 and showed how they have gotten larger and larger. He eventually sold his interest in 1997 and now writes articles for Bali Advertiser, Jakarta Post and other publications.  He has even done cruises where he led the passengers on tours at different locations.

Raffle was one by Brian Goldman

Next meeting TUESDAY October 10 Kakiang restaurant Andong with a visit from the District Governor Hermanto Angka.



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