Bulletin 25th February 2019

Bulletin 25th February ,2019

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420/no. 79571


Meetings 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café, JL Raya Andong, and last Monday of each month at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud. 5,30 -7 pm.



 Announcements, reports, project updates, guest welcoming.


President Brian welcomed members (6), honorary member (1), guests (2) and apologies from (4).

Our guests – Wayan Wardika, from Taro waste management system and founder Tegal Dukuh Pit stop.

Ir. Pande Mangku Merdana, an Indonesian engineer who has invented a pumping system which requires no electric or fuel- Hidropande system.


Bruce Briscoe has put in a proposal to sponsor 20 children through Bali Children Project. This was discussed but the cost is quite high and would take a large proportion of our available project funds.  Further discussion to take place at next meeting.

Following suggestion from Nick de Bourche,to approach his club in Singapore to become sister clubs, Brian has sent email but to date no response.


JFF Day , joint with Seminyak club will be on Tuesday  19th March, 2019 at Desa Apuan Bangli. Awaiting budget proposal from JFF.

A follow up will be made on a Global Grant for a water project at Kesimpar Karangasem, from club Bali Teman, which has never been started!! If no response from them an email will be sent to DG; then an unannounced visit to Bali Teman will follow.

Guest Speaker – Wayan Wardika.

Speaker Wayan Wardika

He has started a programme to try and eradicate waste from his village. Traditional products such as banana leaves have been replaced by plastic and this is causing very big problems with waste disposal. Banana leaves decomposed but plastic does not! At present Wayan has 82 families taking part in collecting and separating waste  products. He then collects the waste from them and takes the organic to be processed for fertiliser and the rest to Temesy Recycling. He now has a project started in the schools whereby the children get a pink card which records the amount of plastic collected at the end of the project the child with the most will get a bike- unfortunately for now he does not know where the bike will come from!! Wayan is asking for help to purchase bins with washable inners to collect the waste in. It is not easy to get these bins, colours change, but he was asked to get a budget proposal for RCBUS to consider. This is an excellent initiative, funded by Wayan himself at present, and as he said maybe in the future change will occur!

Wayan invited all members on Saturday 2nd March to visit the school in Taro. The children love to have visitors and this would be a boost for them!


Raffle won by Rich Foss. Get well wishes to Danielle his wife.

Next meeting at Kakiang Garden café, 11th March at 5.30 pm.

Ir Pande Mangku Merdana will be our guest speaker on 25th March at Maya resort.


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