Bulletin 25th March, 2019.

BULLETIN 25th March, 2019.

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.

District 3420/no.79571

Meetings are 2nd Monday each month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Andung, Ubud; and the last Monday of each month at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud at 5.30-7 pm.


Attendances, welcoming of guests, announcements, reports, project updates.


President Brian, welcomed 5 guests and 11 members, apologies from Renee,

Birthday wishes to Ray Bishop for 26th March.

Treasurers report:

JFF Day, 25,000IDR plus 1,089 IDR, this cost will be shared equally with Seminyak Rotary club.

Previous business:

The Bins will be arriving Taro on Saturday 30th March at SD1 Taro, members are invited to attend the presentation. There will also be the commencement of “Bank Sampah programme” for school children to collect recyclable waste for the prize of a bike.

Bali Children’s Project, – Members voted to sponsor 10 children at cost of $100 each.

JFF Day- Apuan, Bangli, March 19th. Over 400 people attended for check-ups, 13 cataract surgeries performed.

Day 2, March 20th at SD1 Apuan 140 pupil checked, no cataracts detected. However on little girl in Grade 3 diagnosed with very serious eye condition in  both eyes for which there is no treatment;  prognosis – blindness. Sue Bishop suggested possibility of helping her prepare for her future….

New Business

Dora met with Dr. Yap from Singapore, – offering water filter system, to clean water, to make it suitable for drinking. This system was used after Lombok disasters.

Sue Bishop – Global Grant from Dianna Burkholder , Rotary Club Chatham , Virginia.  They want to partner us. Grant for mobile Tuberculosis clinic.

Tuberculosis is 4th leading cause of death in Indonesia, and highest in Bali. Tuberculosis screening and lung health check-ups envisaged.

Guest  Speaker:

Ir Pande Manguku Nyoman Merdana. Inventor of Hidropande Technology Tepat Guna; he has the patent from Indonesian government. Hidropande water pumping technology – no electric or fuel required, uses energy from water. He has built some in Bali. They are built under water spring, so when water flows hits the pump and pump sends water vertical.

Thank you, for your talk and information

Raffle- won by Nic de Boursac, congratulations!!

Next meeting – Monday 8th April at Kakiang garden Café, Jl Raya Andung, Ubud.






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