Bulletin 26 March 2012

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“Doing is a quantum leap from imagining.”
– Barbara Sher

Attending: Antje, Bruce, Cat, Mr. Chu, Don & Sue B, Fred, Gabe, LLoyd, Rosalind, Rucina, Mary L, Philip, Sue W, Bill

Guests: Augusiane Farika Panji and Daisy, our speakers from YKIP, Sheila Haisfield, Judith & Bill Schneider, and three visiting Rotarians from RC Kauhajoki-ARO (Finland) with their wives, all 6 on their first trip to Bali: Rutta & Raimo Uusi-Kokku, Risto & Tarja Piipari, and Heikki & Irma Lindfors

Announcements, C0rrespondence, Reports

LLoyd opened the meeting by welcoming Rosalind back from her month in Nepal. She made us feel a bit better about our recent weather-related power and Net outages in Bali by reporting that power is rationed to less than 12 hours/day in Nepal’s cities! Life goes on with batteries. She is SO glad to be back.

Rucina and Rosalind will attend the Bali RC Presidents and Secretaries meeting this Friday in Sanur in the absence of Marilyn and LLoyd. Thanks to ADG Marilyn, this monthly event is becoming an effective forum for Bali’s RCs to share their projects. Any club member can attend; RSVP to Rosalind.

Sue W had a veritable menu of items to discuss. The Seminyak Club wants to work with us, and is proposing a Bali-wide project to support the Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup. This goes far beyond just cleaning up rubbish, with 5 distinct activities that provide a way for everyone to get involved:

  • Equipping Zone Captains and Site Buddies with comprehensive training to lead groups of volunteers;
  • Providing educational briefings to volunteers on the environmental issues caused by pollution;
  • Completing data records to indentify each item category and the quantity collected;
  • Collating all data collection, and reporting and communicating results; and
  • Using the data to help change government legislation and manufacturer product packaging.

Also from Sue:  This year we’ve become particularly conscious of building relationships with Indonesian speaking clubs (of Bali’s 14 clubs, only 5 are English speaking). RC Denpasar’s upcoming fundraiser is a great opportunity to do just that.

An elementary school in their Muntigungung project has an unfenced, 8-metre drop off a playground often filled with frolicking students. RC Denpasar is sponsoring a bike ride fundraiser on Sunday, April 8 to get some fencing in place to avert the clear and present danger of a tragic fall.

Sue encourages all members to sign up for the bike ride which will start at 8:30am from Warung Semar, Jl. Raya Mas No. 165, in Ubud. Fee is 300,000 and includes a meal. Note this does NOT conflict with our RCBUS Fellowship at Puri Rangki (Gung’s Place) that Sunday afternoon at 2:00. Actually it’s the perfect Finale: a dip in the elegant pool after a bike ride!

Not up for huffing and puffing? Sponsor one of the 5 Ubud Rotaractors who are ready to ride in your place (or even better, alongside you!). These are the same “aging” Rotaractors who hope to join RCBUS. Sue W will sponsor one, and encourages other members to step up. Once these 5 are sponsored, there are yet more Rotaractors ready to ride for this worthy cause. Let Sue know if you’d like to ride or sponsor a rider.

Then Sue got her second wind, and gave an update on the donation from RC Bent Noord in Belgium. Last year a visiting member of that club was impressed by a speaker who wanted to build a school, and $2500 was collected but the school did not come about.  Our club was asked to find another project and decided to sponsor one student in Campuhan College’sDesktop Publishing Program, to include tuition, room and board. Sue read out a touching letter of thanks from Iluh Warsini at Karuna Bali (umbrella group for the College). This is the same program in which many past students were sponsored by the non-profit that Sheila Haisfield’s grandson Kenny founded, CEO 4 Teens.

Sue and her ‘Vanilla Dream’ Cake

We rewarded Sue for this marathon run of club business by celebrating her upcoming 70th birthday (who could believe it?!) with:

  • a special Hotel Maya ‘Vanilla Dream’ birthday cake–and it was!
  • a mammoth card covered with photographs and signatures of her loving fellow RC members (thanks to Ru, who fears Photoshop but always comes through in the clutch!),
  • and no less than 3 serenades!

Birthday seranade by the Barefoot Contessa (Gabe) & Rucina

We sang “Happy Birthday” in English and a completely different version in Bahasa. Not to be outdone, Rucina and Gabe performed an old Indiana song, personalized to celebrate Sue’s endless interests and accomplishments–and not to be missed, here.

Bill Page updated us on progress toward an HIV testing clinic in Ubud. The Committee, formed in October, has reached a major milestone with its draft proposal ready to submit to the Rotary Foundation by the March 30 deadline.

Books for Belusung

Sue and Don Bennett reported on their program in Belusung village which focuses on education and  women’s rights. In the U.S. they attend the Woodside (California) RC, which  raises about $30,000 a year for projects in Palestine, Guatemala and Bali. It supports 5 students at Suta Dharma School, and has now funded a project in Belusung village to supply a primary school with educational materials and books. The school put on a thank-you celebration which the Bennetts videotaped and promise to show us in May.

Rucina reminded us that members, family and friends are all invited to our upcoming Fellowship Event on Sunday April 8, leaving Ubud at 2 pm for Rangki, a cultural center associated with her family 30 minutes from Ubud. This is a beautiful spot and a great place to recover from RC Denpasar’s morning bike ride fundraiser–bring swimsuits! RSVP to Ru so we can plan carpooling.

Lloyd shared a list that Judiuth and Bill Schneider found in Inc magazine with 6 key characteristics of effective leaders:

  1. They surround themselves with smart people
  2. They demand accountability
  3. They understand the power of ‘Thank you’
  4. They truly inspire others by attitude, example etc
  5. They are engaged in their surroundings / context
  6. They seek out positive energy / are inherently optimistic

Exchanging flags with RC Kauhajoki-ARO (Finland)

Flags were exchanged with a member of RC Kauhajoki Aro (Finland), represented by six visitors, including a 30-year Rotary member! It was the first visit to Bali for all six of them, and they were SO happy to enjoy all our sun.

Rucina introduced Augusiane Farika Pandji, Program Coordinator for Yayasan YKIP, to talk about their new Vocational Education Scholarship Program. Daisy, who runs YKIP’s scholarship  program, also provided information and answered questions during the Q&A.

YKIP means the “Humanitarian Foundation for Mother Earth.” Farika explained that YKIP was initiated in the days after the Bali bombing of 2002, with a focus on helping the orphaned and affected children of the bombing break the cycle of poverty through education.

Farika of YKIP explains new vocational education programPrograms initially helped children of bombing victims, and in 2003 educational assistance was also extended to other underprivileged kids. In 2004 the Kembali scholarship program for underprivileged kids was opened to all children in Bali. In 2009, a few university scholarships were provided for Kembali graduates with the highest potential. Now a Vocational Education scholarship has been introduced, providing a one-year diploma course mostly to graduates of the Kembali program.

About half of the unemployed people in Bali are high school graduates! The job market in Bali is very competitive and many YKIP grads have not been able to find good jobs, Farika explained. High school graduation is no longer enough. To increase their employment potential, they need additional skills for the more commonly available jobs. YKIP’s new vocational program is meant to address this need.

Priority employment sectors in 2012 include graphic design, computer technician, computerized accounting, food production/ cooking, and spa therapist. The program assesses potential participants based on a test for aptitude and interest, as well as financial need. In addition to training, YKIP works with several educational institutions and industry partners to find mentors, help in the  job placement process, or encourage graduates to start their own businesses. Students are also given life skills training, often a weak point in high school graduates.

Q&A: Forty-eight children of bombing victims are still in the YKIP system. Kembali scholarships additionally support 538 students in 4 regencies in grades 1 through 12. YKIP’s annual budget of Rp 2 billion is funded by international donors.

With a few minutes to spare, Lloyd passed around the microphone and asked all those present to name something they were grateful for. Sheila’s contribution stood out: “I’m grateful I woke up this morning!”

The lottery ticket was drawn by Daisy and the prize was won by… SUE!!!  An early birthday present of some exotic Nepalese tea together with a mystery gift.

See you next week!

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