Bulletin 26 September 2016

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at the Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud or the Kakiang Garden Café, Ubud

Promise me youll remember, you are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, SMARTER than you think” – A.A.Milne

Bulletin September 26, 2016



NOTICE: Starting in October, we will only have TWO MEETINGS A MONTH.  On the 2nd Monday, at Kakiang, and the last Monday, at Maya.  We want to try this out and then in January re-evaluate if people like it.


President Bruce

Judith & Bill Schneider

Judith & Bill Schneider

President Bruce welcomed our many guests for this meeting: Bill & Judith Schneider are back for a short visit; Raelene Starr; Sue & Ray Bishop; Ping and Ketut; Gerrit Ten Veen, the president of RC of Bali Canggu, and our new Honorary Member AnneMarie.

Judith remarked that her club in California Club is doing a simple project at the moment of collecting soaps and shampoos from hotels.  These are given to those in need.  So the next time you stay in a hotel, be sure to collect all the free toothbrushes, shampoos, etc.  Then bring to a meeting and we will give to those in need.  She also advised that everyone should to go to an international convention.  It is a really good experience according to Judith.  You can different clubs and hear of their projects…  It is a great way to make ‘life-long’ friends!

Raelene Allan Guest

Raelene Allan Guest

Raelene announced that she was considering ‘come over from the dark side’ and joining our club!  We hope so! We need another smiling beautiful face and person.

Also mentioned was “Bras For Bali” which collects bras and gives them to the local women who need them.  http://www.balibuddies.com/post/2014-11-18-bras-for-bali

Our Christmas Fundraising Dinner

Our Christmas Fundraising Dinner

Bruce reminded us all that starting in October we will only have 2 meetings a month.  Our next meeting will be 10 Oct and focus on tasks still needed to be done for our 3rd Annual Fundraising Buffer Christmas Dinner at the local Maya Resort and Spa.  He also announced that our wonderful friends, the Maya, has agreed to accept phone reservations for tickets and that people can use their charge cards!

Treasurer Allan
introduced the clubs friend Ping who has done so much to help with our many water projects on the North coast of Bali.  He introduced Ketut who we have supported while he received cancer treatments which have been a success.

Sue Allan Ketut Ping

Sue Allan Ketut Ping

Gerrit Ten Veen, the president of RC of Bali Canggu, told us about his club’s Joint Fellowship and Gala Dinner on Tuesday 11th of October at Taman Bhagawan, Tunjung Benoa, Bali.  He had received a letter from Rotarians from Carrala, RC Capital Triantham South. It will be a nice evening all about local charities. If you have a project involving children, they will do auctions for your charity and will offer the projects that other visiting RC people can sponsor.  Sec. Penny Adams and her guest Wayne Furlong will donate a 2 night stay in their beautiful gardened villa complex which has 3 villas (therefore suitable for families or group of friends) with all proceeds going to Rumah Sehat.

Quest Speaker

Sue Bishop

Sue Bishop

Sue Bishop

After four really extremely busy years of creating and running their Yayasan Rumah Sehat they are still working to expand it further.  So many tourists don’t understand there are very dry parts of Bali.  In the regency of Karangasem they get very little water throughout the year and as a result it is very difficult to grow anything.  There are over 8,000 people living below the Indonesian poverty line and live on less than US$100/year in this area.  These are the people that are in such need.  Not only water, but medical and schooling are desperately needed there.

Rumah Sehat started and has improved health and hygiene for these people through:

  • Developing a Preventative dental program
  • Supporting the disabled
  • Sponsoring and running Healthy day…where they bring doctors and dentists and all medical support and supplies – Doctors and dentists work tirelessly on these days
  • Health and hygiene supported now through the deployment of two full time nurses in a Permanent clinic in Culik; Banjar outpost in Batah  Kusinasa
  • Of course, they do have to pay for salaries, medicines etc
  • A Doctor who came from the US and his wife, had a small clinic day and treated over 100 patients just that day
Bumi Sahats new generator

Bumi Sahats new generator

Their team includes: Komong, Dr. Eddie, Putuh, the  computer teacher, and Dr. Ardi

One recent visitor, De Jane from Melbourne, was very complimentary about the clinic’s cleanliness and hygiene and has now started a regular donation program.

“Where the people can’t come to us we go to them.” Sue said.

They help the poor with food drops sometime through Galungan and Kuningan…bras and shoes and shirts…In November, they will do food drops and are starting to bring university students using dental materials from there but now they have had donations from Australia and can set up their own portable dental machine and have their own generator.

Meds used by Bumi Sehat

Meds used by Bumi Sehat

They also are:

  • Working with YPK …team of physiotherapy…formed after Bali bombing set up by Australian and the Indonesian govt to work with prosthesis
  • John Fawcett Foundation, which works with eyes problems, provides medicines, and even does cataract surgeries bringing sight to the blind villagers.

For as little as US$1000 YOU can sponsor a healthy day to help these people

Another chapter

Don Hall donated some money in memory of his wife to build the Priscilla Hall Memorial foundation for the vocational training centre.  It turns out that about 80% of employees in the area are not local because the locals don’t have the skills the hotels, etc. need.  So this foundation will update the skills of the local people to make them more employable.  This means they can stay in their village and help their families instead of traveling outside the area for work!  Yass Interact students with Putuh, Pings son, brought in the computers and the infrastructure for the classroom was also from a generous donation from Germany.

US$100 a day can pay for each child to go to Rumah Sehat School for English and computers

Future Goals

  • The Kelor Project …Kelor is a healthy nutritional plant option which doesn’t need much water and is very tasty and healthy. http://healthandstuff.com/alternative-medicine/benefits-and-efficacy-kelor
  • A Birthing center in the mountainous region, since Rumah Sehat clinic is too far away. Ping is looking for a more suitable area which would be more accessible to the locals.
  • Full time dentistry program

US$300 would pay for:

  • the nurses for one month;
  • Half the medicines used;
  • 3 kids in their school that gives them the opportunity to help their families and takes out a lot of poverty from that community.

How do you donate:

Email to sueraybishop@gmail.com OR raybishop79@gmail.com

Project can be supported by RAWKs Yayasan… Sue will send links on how to support them.

Next healthy December 3rd


Meeting closed.

Next meeting: Kakiang – 10 October – 5:30 for 6:00 start.  We will discuss our 3rd Annual Fundraising Christmas Buffet Dinner at the Maya Resort & Spa and what still need to happen



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