Bulletin 27 April 2015

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

““There’s no denying that I have feelings for you that can’t be explained in any other way. I briefly considered that I had a brain parasite, but that seems even more far-fetched. The only conclusion was love.” Sheldon on Big Bang Theory

Bulletin April 27, 2015

Members: Allan Starr, Rucina, Bruce, Glen, Janet Malloy, Danielle Foss

Guests: Anne Marie, Rich Foss, Raelene Starr, Mary Northmore


PEAllanPE Allan Starr sat in for Pres Philip who is in Surabaya on Rotary business.

He is learning how to run a meeting as he is PE and begins in July.

Anne Marie

Anne Marie

The excitement of the evening was trying to get the computer and the projector to talk to each other.  Turns out wiggling and jiggling works better than rebooting.

Additional excitement came when Allan announced that Anne Marie‘s tapestry had been sold for almost 2 million Rupiah by Marilyn when she was in the US.  The proceeds will go to helping Sumba.

SAA Bruce talked about his cataract operation.  He said all went very well.  Indonesia has two special eye Hospitals, one in Bali for eastern Indonesia and

SAA Bruce

SAA Bruce

one in Jakarta for western Indonesia.  The one in Bali is located close to Ubud on the way to Renon.  Because he has a BPJS card, the Indonesian National Health Insurance for Indonesians, KITAS and KITAP holders, everything was 100% free.  Including the many eye drops he has had to take.  Since the operation on his right eye, he has had 2 scheduled revisits and now is scheduled for the left eye operation next Monday.  Everyone wished him well.




Mary NorthmoreMary Northmore, founder of Yayasan Senyum/The Smile Foundation kindly brought us up to date on what the foundation has been doing this past year.  The SF has been around for ten years now and gone from doing 23 cleft lip operations to 458 cleft palette and lip operations in that time span!  Well done!  It doubles every year and expansions to other parts of Indonesia are now in place.

The SF is Eastern Indonesia’s premier charity dealing with craniofacial surgeries.  If the person needs a very serious operation, they are flown to Adelaide where a hospital there provides TWELVE free operations per year for The Smile Foundation.  The patient can stay for up to three months and only needs to pay for their food.

Prof Dr David David has been working with the Smile Foundation since its inception and works with local doctors to train them in craniofacial surgeries.  He does not practice in Indonesia, as that is illegal.


Young girl from Sumba

Mary showed us a number of success stories such as Dorce, a little girl born with no ears who was able to have bone conducting surgery in Surabaya and when she got her hearing, went around the room banging on everything to hear what it sounds like.

One child had FEMI, a disease where the brain actually drops down into the face and protrudes.  FEMI is only found in Asia.  A plastic and neurosurgeon worked on her and were able to heal this disease.

The SF is expanding its medical missions with other hospitals in Indonesia.  They fly a team into the area and do 40-50 operations at a time.  These areas are usually very remote.


Before and After

A new program in Flores (one of Indonesia’s most eastern islands) has begun.  Fieldworkers spend hours scouring the countryside for patients that need help and then get them to the local medical service so they can get operations.  All of this is provided for free.  Within 2.5 months, they found 62 patients in only 3 districts.  There are 7 more districts to go.   This is with three motorbikes.

The SMILE HOUSE is a house by Sanglah Hospital where patients and their escorts can stay for free while waiting for and recovering from their operations.  The maximum is 11 patients and it is almost always full.

The Smile Shop is one of Bali’s only second hand shops and it funds most of the salaries of SF staff, who are paid decent wages.  The lease on the current shop is up and they will be moving across the street on Jl Sriwedari in Ubud to a smaller space later on this year.  They are always looking for committed volunteers to staff the shop.   They are looking for a much larger space in the Ubud/Mas area so if you know of anything, please contact them at mailto:yayasansenyum@yahoo.co.id

Many Rotary Clubs put on fundraisers for the SF, such as RC Seminyak and RC Nusa Dua.  In April 2015 at the Trans Resort a dinner was held that netted over 260,000,000 (that’s about $23,000 and will go a longggg way here).  The Grand Hyatt, La Lucciola, BIWA, BIKU and many other hotels also provide assistance.

The SF board has been revamped and as in the past, has a real commitment to showing transparency in its accounting.  An independent auditor does an annual audit.

The SF currently has 11 fulltime staff in Bali and 21 in Flores.

We wish Mary and the SF all the best.

More details at:  http://www.senyumbali.org

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