Bulletin 27 January 2014

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District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

 “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.”   – Alexander Graham Bell

 Bulletin January 27, 2014


AlisaChazani80Our New York/Manhattan member, Rtn Alisa, was welcomed back to Bali and back to the club. We love having her with us although we always wish she could stay longer than the four months she gives us.

Political excitement throughout District 3420 as a challenge for the position of DG 2016-17 rattles everyone and the process of club voting to determine the final outcome is begun. The District is a winner no matter what the outcome as both candidates are terrific but this seldom encountered situation sends us all into a close reading of Rotary International’s Manual of Procedures. No hiccups in the procedure allowed!

Flooding in Java 2014

Flooding in Java 2014

The heavily populated island of Java is again hit by natural disaster…this time torrential rains caused flooding, displacing thousands of villagers and destroying crops that will leave many of the small farmers in poverty. Response from Rotary clubs in Java and throughout the district has been financially generous and many Rotarians are on the scene with food, water and clothing for our fellow Indonesians sheltering in schools, mosques and other locations on higher ground.

 Here in Bali, where we count ourselves fortunate and thus far safe from Mother Nature’s wrath, we continue to work closely with our Rotaract club and jointly delivered reading books to an elementary school in the Temukus area. During our visit at the school, we finalized plans to bring water and renovated toilets to the school.

Why we want to build new toilets at Temukus

Why we want to build new toilets at Temukus

An interesting approach to providing labor for the project came to light as we were reviewing the plans with the school committee and principal. A stipulation for any project our club enters into is that all required labor is provided by the local villagers…at no cost to the club. Img-the crew..nengah…  The school committee met with parents and able adults from the surrounding school area to discuss how this would be accomplished. Usually men and women will volunteer their time but that means keeping records showing who has done what, when they did it and for how long.   This is to insure the labor burden is fairly distributed.

 However, the process can lead to conflict among the volunteers…‘I worked  harder/longer/more often than you did’ kinds of dissension…so everyone agreed that each family would contribute a small amount of money and workers would be paid an hourly wage.  End of discussion.

 Another surprise came from the principal who explained that the school could not accept the project until it had been approved by the local education bureaucracy. “Why?” we asked. Because, the principal explained, he wanted it clear that the school was NOT receiving cash money that could provide gain for any one individual. We hope the principal is passing his value of integrity on to all of his teachers and students.

Rucina at Cremation of her husband Anak Agung Gede Putra

Rucina at Cremation of her husband Anak Agung Gede Putra

We learned of personal tragedy, the sudden death of VP Rucina’s husband. We will show our love and respect to Rucina by attending the body washing and cremation for her husband, Anak Agung Gede Putra and offering whatever help is needed by Rucina and her family. All of Rucina’s duties relative to our club’s upcoming fundraiser were immediately assumed by other club members, particularly PP Rosalind who instantly stepped into the breach.



Jeromy Johnson

Jeromy Johnson came to tell us how EMFs (Electro-magnetic Field) were affecting our health and our lives.

Jeromy Johnson came to tell us how EMFs (Electro-magnetic Field) were affecting our health and our lives.

Jeromy came to tell us how EMFs (Electro-magnetic Field) were affecting our health and our lives. Many of us were expecting him to scare us half to death…after all we’re constantly being exposed to EMF via our smart phones, computers and those huge towers we see going up around us.

 If we had peaked at Jeromy’s website we’d have been even further frightened because he introduced himself with a story that started like this…

“In 2011, I was on top of the world. Healthy, happy and active with a successful career in Silicon Valley that provided ample time for my wife, who is a medical doctor, and I to travel and pursue our many interests. As a civil engineer and as a manager at a large Silicon Valley firm, I was around multiple computers, Wi-Fi and cell phones nearly 24/7 for over a decade without feeling any ill effects. That all changed when we returned from summer vacation that year.”

Children's Mobile Phone Usage by Country

Children’s Mobile Phone Usage by Country

Jeromy’s intent was NOT to scare but to caution us and he particularly focused on how we can more safely use our smart phones and computers…which emit lots of EMF. Rather than paraphrase Jeromy’s good advice, go to www.emfanalysis.com , read his story and find his excellent and common sense advice. You’ll find Jeromy’s website both educating and humorous as was his presentation, which kept us enthralled and entertained.


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