Bulletin 27 July 2015

Our visitors from RC Perambra, India

Attendees included visitors from RC Perambra, India

Members: Allan, Annie, Cat, Karen, Danielle

Guests: Rich Foss, Anna Marie Kipar, Raelene and 8 from RC Perambra, Kerala, India: VP Sasidharan,  NK Moosa, Abdul Rashid, VK Bales, TC Bhaskaram, Buvenbab, Suresh Suabhi, Batayan

Allan opened the meeting, which featured lasagne and pizza instead of the usual snacks.  Allan asked the members whether they would prefer this format, offering a light supper for Rp 100,000.

Cat reported briefly on her first monitoring trip to West Sumba.  The first tranche of the DDS  was transferred  to Project Hope Sumba for the reproductive health training project.

Allan updated the club on the proposed Global Grant for Desa Bunutan in northwest Bali which is now in revision and will have a value of about US$40,000.  Rich has been working in this area for over 8 years and
has completed 15 water projects which serve about 10,000 people.  The GG will provide water for 3-4 more villages and include a health program and possibly an economic development program.

Annie gave us a glimpse of her busy and effective life before she joined Rotary earlier this month.  She is a very competent lady who has done 37 years of community work across a multitude of sectors and the club is
very lucky to have a member with so much experience.  She also reported on the day trip she and Cat had made that week to visit the Rumah Sehat clinic in Bunutan with Sue and Ray Bishop.

Our Indian guests introduced themselves; eight members of the 30-member club.  They had made a special effort to join a Rotary meeting in Bali on their stopover to Malaysia, and had taken a taxi from Denpasar in order to attend.  Their club is busy with a wide range of projects including toilets for women, smart classrooms, activities in the Clean India campaign and a rainwater harvesting program.  They stayed just long enough for a group photo before heading back to catch their flight.

The next RCBUS meeting will be a brunch at Maya Ubud on Sunday, August 2 from 0930 – 1100.

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