Bulletin 28 January 2013

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3420/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
“There are two types of fisherman –
those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish”  Anonymous
BULLETIN January 28, 2013
Attending:  Alisa, Antje, Bruce, Mr. Chu, Chris, Danielle, Janet, Lloyd, Marilyn, Rucina, Sue, Zsuzsa

Guests: Rtn Richard Foss (RC Colorado Springs Interquest USA), Gertrude Matshe, Bridget Carson, Ray Carpenter, Johan Schioldan, Anna Marie Kipar, Kevin and Ellen, Guest speakers Putu Feri and Hannah Purdy


With Pres Rosalind struggling with travel fatigue, PP/PE Sue again chaired this evening’s meeting.  Alisa has at long last returned to Bali from her home in New York and will give Rtn Greeter Danielle (hostess with the mostess) a welcome four month break as Alisa assumes that role during her stay on the island.   Sue thanked Danielle for being such a vivacious greeter over the many past months; thanked Bruce for his patient efforts recovering the club’s semi-destroyed website and also thanked Antje for taking pictures for the Bulletin.

Rotary Club Cookbook Cover Front copyOur Cook Book is still selling!  Six books were purchased at Janet’s shop, Goddess on the Go and a recent order came from the USA.  We’re so pleased that interest in the Cook Book continues….and you can still get one by sending e-mail to Sue…suewinski@gmail.com.  Proceeds go towards community projects…and there’s always many waiting to be funded.

VP Rucina got all excited about our huge roll of double raffle tickets.  They had to be ‘imported’ from the USA.  The tickets should last a while…the roll holds 1,000.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS.  Our first Potluck is on Feb 17 at Philip’s new house…and it will likely be our last chance to see Philip’s beautiful wife Sylvi in her very pregnant condition.  Next time we see Sylvi she’ll likely be showing off their new baby and once again be slender.

The next Potluck will be Lloyd’s on March 17th.  If you really like to plan ahead, mark the third Sunday of every month for future get-togethers.

Sue and Antje act as Sergeant at Arms at Peace Essay Competition.

Sue and Antje act as Sergeant at Arms at Peace Essay Competition.

Bali-wide Peace Essay Competition  The Peace Essay Forum was a huge success and the members of the planning committee are breathing a sigh of relief.  Led by IPP Julia Rivera, RC Kuta, almost 800 contestants submitted essays and  our club sponsored 51 of them.  Two big busses loaded with youngsters left at 6 a.m. for the event site accompanied by club members PE Sue, Rtns Antje, Sudana, and Ade.  Also there to help were Rotaracts Gus De and Ade.  Motivational speaker Rtn Gobind, RC Kuta enthralled the contestants with his inspiring words (everyone LOVES Gobind), there was lots of singing, each contestant received a ‘goody’ bag and the big hit was a group of Denpasar Rotaracts  who danced Gangnam style.  We were proud to learn that two of our Ubud contestants were winners, one in second place and another in eighth place.



Special Guest: We were able to give some time to a special guest to tell us about herself.  Although her official first name is Gertrude, she is known as GetRude…a very forceful advocate working to defeat AIDS and poverty in Africa.  She told us that living in Africa prepares a person to live anywhere in the world!  GetRude feels she has a mission to awaken the world and to get her message out she started authoring books and pamphlets in 2001.  She told us how the typical African woman is ‘at the bottom of the food chain’, has the greatest responsibilities in the home but always must eat last which translates to sometimes not eating at all.  GetRude was blessed with a mother and father who believed in education and made sure she had that opportunity even in the face of economic problems.  Education was recognized as one of the few paths out of poverty.

In speaking about AIDS missteps, GetRude described how one NGO came to a village by helicopter and dropped leaflets and condoms for the village population.  The leaflets were used to fuel fires and the kids blew up the condoms like balloons.  This experience was made into a play that was so successful that it funded two years of APPROPRIATE work against AIDS.  In Getrude’s family alone, there are 89 orphaned children…their parents destroyed by AIDS.

The purpose of GetRude’s visit to Bali was to meet with the John Fawcett Foundation and obtain information about their successful mobile clinics.  Her eyes welled with happy tears as she told us that, thanks to our own HIV AIDS expert Rtn Dr. Steve, she now has the know-how to set up a clinic in her home country in Africa, where she will continue her work. 

We wish her all the best of success!


Hannah and Putu Feri from LINI

Hannah and Pari from LINI

Hannah and Pari from LINI


Hannah and Pari demonstrate the techniques of regenerating coral in the coastal waters of Bali.

Hannah and Pari demonstrate the techniques of regenerating coral in the coastal waters of Bali.

Our guest speakers this evening Putu Feri and Hannah, addressed a topic of major economic and environmental concern to the Balinese communities…those who earn their living by fishing.  Through lack of education and understanding fishermen have been using destructive methods to obtain their catch.  The result is fewer fish and devastation of the local coral reefs.  NGO LINI has been working with six villages on the north coast of Bali over the past several years educating fishermen in efforts to change fishing methods.  At the same time, village fishermen are helping to create new coral reefs using what is called a “reef dome”.  Built from cement, these reef domes are hauled out to sea and placed in areas where damage to reefs has been done.  Within a reasonably brief period of time these reef domes become homes to the coral and the reefs are being restored.  

In years past almost 100% of the fish eaten in Bali came from Bali.  Today much of the fish is imported.  Some species of fish have all but disappeared.  The work of LINI is to preserve the coral reefs, protect the fish (which hide in the reefs) and improve the economy of the fishermen.  It seems to be working!  Fishermen are avoiding destructive methods previously used while fishing, reporting larger catches and the reefs are slowly being replaced.   

Speaker Putu was excellent…although this was his first ever presentation in English!  Hats off to Putu, Hannah and NGO LINI for a very relevant and informative dialogue with the club.

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