Bulletin 28th October 2019

  Bulletin October 28th 2019.

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.

District 3420/no. 7957

Meetings 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Raya Andong, Ubud, and last Monday of each month at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud at 5.30 – 7 pm.

Announcements, reports, project updates, and guest welcoming.



Richard and Danielle  Foss, Ray and Sue Bishop, Brian Goldman , Jim Hook,  Kartika Dewi, and Bruce Briscoe, Anne Marie Kippar,


Irene Heaton and Marion Hook 


Guests Speaker Sean Nino Yayasan Bali Sasmaya with program Merah Putih Hijau


Guests from Griya Luhu (Community who concern with waste management in Gianyar) I Dewa Gede Bisma Mahendra ; Ferdinand  Wuysang ; IB Mandhara Brasika,Agung Setiawati

I Gde Sathya Deva Rumah Kompost Padangtegal, us our goal for this year is to invite more people to be our potential becoming members.


President Tika did an exchange flag with President Luminitia Suveica from the Rotary Club of Republic of Moldova  17/10/2019, as the theme Rotary Internationa this year is connect the world.


Sue Bishop gave a recap of Bali Sehat healthy day conducted in Karangasem in a village

In Manggis on world end polio day and a review of world polio Day at Denpasar 24/10/2019  Rotary club In Bali paid 500,000 towards the Rotary Bali Area activity


Tika discussed her sewing for living project, expecting it will be a good move in future, Conducted three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday drawing in as many as 18

Interested women , Jim Hook announced a plan for all members to bring a spool of thread  To Tika at the meeting to support the initiative, It’s has reviewed her project with Cat Wheeler , Who can source the material share the design and help the woman Secure the project


Membership invitation to all members to Consider asking people to become members as we need more members to do fundraising


Donation to Wayan Wardika from Rumah Kompos Taro project by Danielle Foss And she has appointed  Ray Bishop


Guest speaker 

Sean Nino from Yayasan Bali Sasmaya with his Program Merah Putih Hijau

His Program is to built small waste facility in every village is a better choice than one big waste facility in Gianyar Regency, for example for now we can see what happen in Temesi Recycling and Sarbagita TPA Suwung Denpasar (3 months burning). The keys of this program is Separation from the beginning, its mean separation must be start from first costumer, household , villa, hotel, company. The separation become Merah bin, Putih Bin, Hijau Bin from Merah and Putih bins we can sell all material except for the residue things, from Hijau bin he will process it with aerobic system which is blowing an air under the organic material for keeping the temperature, keeping the microorganism alive and to avoid the methane gas, because when the waste without process just dump it together it will produce methane gas who causing fire, that’s is now happen to Temesi and TPA Sarbagita Suwung. On his perspective waste Management is about organizing material, His foundation has received commitment from Bupati Gianyar to build his 20 facilities in Gianyar area, The first to be built in Taro Village, now on progress of mapping area and design of the building is done, The first effective owned material management system, wish in future Taro can be a model to other places in Gianyar  Area.

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