Bulletin 29 May, 2017

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl. Andong at 5:30 PM

And the last Monday of the month at Maya Resort & Spa, Ubud at 5:30 PM

“Do good and good will come to you” Buddha

Bulletin May 29, 2017


Pres. Bruce opened the meeting by welcoming everyone including guests: RTN Ayu from RC Bali Denpasar, RTN Karen Bjorklund and her husband Ulf from Sweden.  He also announced that two of our members have birthdays this month AND on the same day

Richard Foss's book 'Bali Water Project' book

Richard Foss’s book ‘Bali Water Project’ book


  • Renee – 6 May, and
  • Judith Schneider – 6 May.

Bruce also mentioned that again we had samples from Daniel Elber’s Muntigunung productions: cashews, dried mangoes, sea salt, rosella teas and rosella sweets.  He mentioned that there were also catalogs for people to take.  For orders over 1M, they will provide free delivery to Ubud.

He then introduced our own water expert, VP Richard Foss who has just released his first book.  It’s entitled “Bali Water Project”.  It is available locally at Ganesha Bookshop in Bali and from Amazon.com.

Bruce then gave a summary of the previous weeks Special Board Meeting held at Tres. Allan’s.

Current Board: Bruce announced that our small club had funded around 170M IDR for projects including John Fawcett Foundation, Rumah Sehat Healthy Days, Bali Children’s Foundation scholarships, and the Helmets for Kids project.

In addition it was announced that our next meeting will be a turnover meeting on 11 June at the Maya 9:30-11AM for breakfast buffet. (No member meeting on 12 June)  In addition he announced that 16 June 2018 is the 10th Anniversary of our club.  Plans will be made for a big celebration.

New Board: PE Allan

  • the budget for next year will be sent out before the end of June;
  • next year’s board: Allan as Pres., Rich as VP, Brian as Treasurer, Sue Bishop as Secretary, Bruce as IPP, Judith will be Membership chair, Dora as Community Service, and Abe as Youth Director
  • some small by-law changes,
  • the Club Plan will also go out next month

Bruce then announced that our sponsored village visit by the John Fawcett Foundation will be in June at a village very close to Ubud and we hoped all could attend that project visit.  Details to follow.

Rumah Sehat

Rumah Sehat will have a scheduled Healthy Day on June 23 and more details will come out.

Allan also announced that we finally have received our District Grant funds for scholarships to Bali Children’s Foundation!

Karin&Bruce-Flag Exchange

Karin&Bruce-Flag Exchange

We did a flag exchange with RTN Karin and her Swedish club.

Our upcoming speakers:

June 26 – Richard Horstman-the history of Balinese art. He will speak about art in Bali including our local museums and local artists.

July 31- Sjaki’s Warung, across from the soccer field in Ubud – helps and educates children with a mental disability on Bali.  Hear what they do to help these beautiful children.

August 28 –  Melati and Isabel Wijse – these 2 teenagers founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags in Bali and have now spread the concept all over Indonesia. Learn how they did it and why.

Sept 25 – famous author – Bill Dalton.  The creator of the original travel book about Bali – The Bali Handbook and founder of Moon Publishing.  Now a world renowned travel author.  Find out things you never knew about Bali and other places in Indonesia.  Have all your questions answered.

Oct 30 – Ron Lilly The Bali Snake Guy. Not to worry, he won’t bring any snakes!!  But he will have many images and will answer ALL your questions about snakes in Bali.  Which ones are safe to pick up?  NONE!  Come get your questions answered.

Nov. 27 – Ina Saptiono of Kopernik will speak about how Kopernik is giving hope to poor people everywhere.  Ways to cook without cutting down trees, clean drinking water, light at night and much more.

The raffle item was won by RTN Renee and it was a beautiful notebook!

  • Our next event is the annual Turnover meeting which takes place Sunday 11 June, 9:30-11AM at Maya Resort & Spa for a buffet breakfast. Non-members 250,000, members 100,000 and Rotaracts free.
  • Our next member meeting will be Monday, 26 June at Maya 5:30-7PM. Our great speaker will be Richard Horstman-the history of Balinese art. He will speak about art in Bali including our local museums and local artists.

Guest Speaker

Helmet Man

Helmet Man Chris

Our special guest speaker this week was the very entertaining Chris Sperduto.  Chris spoke about the Bali wide Helmets for kid’s project.  Firstly he wore his Helmetman uniform: red jump suit with lots of badges, and his helmet.  He also brought several banners he takes to schools to help reinforce to the kids about how important helmets are AND how they must be latched.

Helmetman And Audience

Helmetman Chris And Audience

We were impressed with his attitude: wanting to start kids young and give them the habit; having kids sign a listing so their teachers and check them off each day if they wore their helmet; how having the kids involved will help the parents also to use their helmet.

Chris has been responsible for engaging many Rotary Clubs in Bali and he has now distributed almost 10,000 helmets.  Imagine how many kid’s/people’s lives have been saved.

He went through what he does when in front of the kids and we could all see how effective it was.

Helmatman And AnneMarie

Helmetman And AnneMarie

Our Honorary Member Annemarie presented Chris a beautiful hand made wall hanging for him to use to raise funds!  It is BEAUTIFUL.

It was too bad that our club’s major Kids Helmets project person could not be there.  RTN Terri

Terri with a helmet

Terri with a helmet

Lewin missed this meeting but has worked very hard while at home in Australia and raised about A$1,800 for helmets here.

At the end we gave him a HUGE round of applause.

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