Bulletin 29 October 2018

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café on Jl. Andong: last Monday at Maya Resort & Spa Ubud. 5:30-7PM

“Strong People will automatically stop trying if they feel unwanted. They won’t fix it or beg. They will just walk away.” Simple Reminders

Bulletin October 29, 2018


Guest : Dewa Widi from Rumah Belajar Sadewa

Pres. Brian welcomed all members and guest

Treasure report 1st October 2018:
– Project balance Rp. 71,323,325
– Operation Balance Rp. 52,478,102
– Mount Agung Fund Rp. 5,500,000
– Helmets on Kids Rp. 2,613.000
– Total Project 1st Qtr Rp. 30,752,500 (Rp 18,000,000 JFF)

Rich, Danielle, Ray & Tika

It was announced that the John Fawcett Foundation followed up for the girl from Payangan who needed cataract surgery, Brian, Tika and Ray committed to visiting JFF on 31 October 2018 with the girl and her father.

For Palu disaster relief the club sent Rp. 5,000,000

Brian was able to obtain a fantastic video of the destruction in Lomboc, so the club watched it, from Rotary disaster relief Lombok.

Christmas Fund Raiser update: PP Bruce let us all know that the dinner is ONLY 6 weeks away and that we will only have 2 more meetings before that. So far, 9 companies have committed for the silent auction: Four Seasons, Amandari, Pyramids of Chi, Nusantara, Taksu, Komune Hotel, etc. Ray Bishop got 50 products from Bali Soap for the raffle, Brian still try to follow up for the lady Joanna from a local  jewelry shop. Also, articles have been sent to the Bali Advertiser & Face Book Pages. Next will be printing the poster which will be posted at Delta, Coco, Pepitos Delta Dewata and several other bulletin boards in the Ubud area.  Bruce recommended that we call Maya at (0361) 977-888 ext:1401 and make your reservation early so we’ll have an idea on how many are coming.  PLEASE.

New Business

AG Patrick stands in for DG Hanny and presents District awards to RCBUS

AG Patrick RCBUS

The club needed to select a district Past President, we nominated Patrick Van Kampen from Rotary Legian.

Emails from Wayan Wardika from Taro Village (around 30 km from Ubud) just built a TPST (Integrated Waste Management Site) called Rumah Kompos aiming to educate to local village to separate their waste from their household (organic and non-organic). When their waste is nicely separated, we pick their garbage up every 2 days. We have done the project for 28 days and found only 6 out of 45 are separating their organic and non-organic waste nicely. We found 2 major problems in this program :
1. Habits and understanding the impacts of plastic waste.
2. We need 2 physically different colour garbage cans to help them separate the garbage easily.
He will send a detailed proposal about it

Dewa Widi

Our guest, Dewa Widi spoke about his project: He started his learning center called Rumah Belajar Sadewa in his House in Tambaha Village in Bangli around 5 km north from Gianyar. He started teaching computers to the kids by only having 3 second hand computers. The kids are so enthusiastic to learn and when computers break down he teaches the kids English lessons, he also provides 3 boxes of books he got from his friend so the kids can read while waiting their turn to study, his problem is when the rainy season comes, all the learning center will be wet, so he is looking for something that can give shade from sunshine and keep away water from the rain, he also has a priority for a bookshelf and also a printer. This is such a great thing he has done, so if any of you can give some supplies for the learning center it will be great. Books, English tools, creative tools for kids etc.

Raffle won by Tika who gave it to Danielle!

Meeting closed at 7pm.

Next meeting Monday 12 November at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl. Andong, Ubud.


By: Bruce Briscoe

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