Bulletin 29 September 2014

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

 “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”  ― Winston Churchill

Members: Cok Raka, Sue Bennett, Ros, Danielle, Bruce, Glenn, Marilyn, Cat, Rucina

Guests: Charles Swenson (Secretary, RC Ignatio), Jennifer Richardson, Anne Marie from up the hill, Bob and Katrina Allison, (Secretary and Welfare Officer from RC Rotorua NZ), Richard Foss (RC Colorado Interquest)


 Anne Marie offered to donate her work to schools and kindergartens.

Rich Foss at Aas with well bore

Rich Foss at Aas with well bore; yellow water tanks in background

Rtn Rich Foss reported on his deep well project at Aas.  Charles’ Ignatio club has funded at least two well projects of the 13 water projects which Rich has managed, including Aas. Most of these projects use gravity-fed spring water, but 3 wells have been dug where no springs were available. On Friday RTN Charles, RTN Allan and RTN Rich will visit Aas to check the pipes, and if there is time will visit another project.

This area has no health care or school, Indonesian is not spoken, and no government official has ever visited the area. Sanitation continues to be a major issue. The dry season is 8 – 9 months long. Water in Aas has been collected from grass roofs and the water is very dirty. The project provides a heavy plastic tank for every 10 families (each family consists of about 10 people) with a capacity of 1100 or 3300 L.

Pres. Elect Cok Raka reported that he and Exec. Sec. Marilyn with Rotaractor Gusti attended the opening ceremony of the water project for SD5 Besakih.

This woman was waiting for first water to flow so she could do her laundry

This woman was waiting for first water to flow so she could do her laundry

The project includes toilet renovations, a water tank and wash basins; previously the school had been using only rain water when available. Work has already begun, with the school providing the labour and offerings.

VP Rucina announced that six members of Ubud Watch (https://ubudwatch.org/)  met with the Bupati of Gianyar to discuss the spate of violent crime against tamu. The Bupati was shocked and will speak to the Chief of Police about the issue. He asked Ubud Watch to work with them on a committee for youth activities.

VP Rucina

VP Rucina

VP Rucina also reported that her dance students will be performing in Les (northern Bali) on October 5 for a large ceremony; all are welcome to attend.

Sec. Cat reported on the HIV clinic funded by our last Global Grant.  Indonesia is the only country in ASEAN in which HIV rates are rising instead of falling and Bali has one of the fastest growing HIV rates in the country.

On Sunday, September 28, our honoured guest, Rotary International Director Guiller Tumangan from Manila, visited the RCBUS /Bali Peduli

Rotary International Director Guiller Tumangan from Manila

Rotary International Director Guiller Tumangan from Manila

HIV project in the Puskesmas Sayan. Also present were Julia, Al and Henny from the Kuta Club, Marilyn, Sue, Cat and Dr. Steve from RCBUS, Rotarian Charles Swensen from RC Ignatio and Lily of Bali Peduli. Dr. Steve, founder of Bali Peduli, is also the medical director of its two clinics. The clinic in Sayan was built with a Rotary Global Grant of $56,000. Download the full report here.

 Guest Speaker

Tacloban, Philippines, after the supertyphoon

Tacloban, Philippines, after the supertyphoon

Jen Richardson spoke about her experience as a volunteer in Tacloban, Philippines, after the supertyphoon. She knew no one on arrival but had the name of the RC Tacloban President; after meeting him she quickly became part of the RC disaster team.

She attended each UN cluster group meeting to brief herself and soon found a role sharing information between the Bingos (big NGOs) and local groups.  She coordinated incoming funds from donors, set up an informal volunteer centre, helped cook 1,500 meals a day for the RC soup kitchen and raised enough money to give

Tacloban, Philippines, after the supertyphoon

Tacloban, Philippines, after the supertyphoon

100 solar lights to families without electricity. She taught English at the high school and raised money for the school library. She trained 35 local community leaders and volunteers to eradicate mosquito larvae against dengue fever using a model from Cebu, because after the typhoon there was standing water everywhere. She herself caught dengue in January.

Many Rotary clubs from Philippines and around the world contributed money, goods and care. A team of four Tacloban Rotarians led a gruelling 10-week thrust without relief, to distribute and provide food, clothing, shelter and other necessities to thousands of people. Download the report here along with information on how to donate.

The raffle prize was won by Exec. Sec. Marilyn.

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