Bulletin 29th April 2019

Bulletin  29th  April2019

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420/no 79571

Meetings held – 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Raya Andong, Ubud; and last Monday of each month at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud. 5.30 – 7 pm.


Announcements, reports, project updates, welcoming of guests and guest speakers.

President Brian welcomed members ( 5) and guests(5).

Guests – Jim and Marion Hook from USA, now living in Bali,

Nick de Boursac – Rotary member, Singapore, a regular welcome guest!!

Guest speakers – Made Yaya Safriti and Agus from Griya Luhu.

Apologies from Renee presently in Darwin;

Rich and Danielle – Rich been admitted to hospital, little known at present but wishing him a speedy recovery.

Birthday wishes to Renee and Judith (USA) both 6th May!!!

Previous business.

Bali Children’s project, ongoing, awaiting payment amount.

Kendample Water Project – Hopefully we can get appraisal from Nick’s club in Singapore – he will discuss with Allan when he returns to Bali in near future.

Discussions re place and date for handover of officers.

Sue has applied for Global Grant for Mobile TB clinic; all paper work completed , now requires 3 people to act as community service – Brian, Bruce and Tika volunteered, thank you.

New Business

RCBUS joint JFF Day at Bondalem, Tejukula, Singaraja, on 12th June. RCBUS organising event , RC Denpasar funding it plus meals for JFF team.

Tika attended District conference in Jakarta 26-27th April, nothing of importance to report.

Guest speakers.

Made Yaya Safriti and Agus from GRIYA LUHU

They are currently running a project in High school in Gianyar, encouraging waste management. Starting with educating the children on the benefits of reusable water bottles and not using plastic bottles. They also wish to provide bins to collect waste at the school. Possibility of sponsoring them for the bins as we did for Taro Project, maybe they can work together?


Raffle won by Bruce – our cookery book, as he ha sa copy he returned the book, thanks Bruce!

Yaya and Agus from Griya Luhu with Presiden Brian









Next meeting 13th April Kakiang Garden café, Ubud  5.30-7pm.






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