Bulletin 30 June 2014

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

 “I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.” ― Khalil Gibran


Bulletin June 30, 2014



Miho Woodhouse, ex-member Mr Chu, Tyr Throne (spinal therapist,  Karen Schwe his wife


Sue Winski

Sue Winski

This was the last meeting with our beloved president Sue!  A lot of appreciation AND applause came her way at the meeting and we all hope she felt VERY appreciated for all she has done leading the club in this last year.  Way to go Pres. Sue!!

President Elect Philip

President Elect Philip

The club’s HIV/AIDS clinic in Sayan Puskesmas ($56,000 GG) has now been running for about a year and is very successful. We have about $5,000 left and Suewill meet with Bali Peduli to discuss how it can be best used.  We need to find new ways of keeping the clinic open and sustainable.

PE Sue reminded us that the new Rotary year starts tomorrow.  The handover BBQ took place at Marilyn’s yesterday.

Sue pinned Philip as our new President for 2014 – 2015 as well as Cok Raka as our Pres. Elect and Cat as Sec.   Janet and Rucina were announced as Membership chair and Vice Pres..  Bruce as our Sargent-At-Arms.

Sue listed all that had been accomplished during her year as President, including:

• Finished Projects
o The Global Grant for the HIV/AIDS Clinic up (Bill Page, Sue, Steve Wignall,
o DAP – Funding Padang Tegal compost cutting machinery, and posters (Sue, Cat)
o Bentuyung Computer Learning Center
o Educare with Chris Kemp at Tulikup #1
o Temukus SD #5…Books and socks
o Tenganan SD….Books
o Rotarians joined Rotaract with their Mobile Library project
o RCBUS adopted 25 trees in Kintamani
o Donated 2 million juta to Kudus flooding
o Donated 2.4 million (collected at the meeting) to victims of Mt. Kelud eruption

• Proposed Projects
• Deep Wells (Marilyn, Allan)
• Puhu (Marilyn)
• Sumba (Cat)
• Developing a new GG for wells, sanitation and livelihoods in North Bali (Allan)
• Revamping the Website (Ros, Bruce)
• She also listed the inspiring speakers brought to the club by Rucina over the past year, and Allan reminded us that the club is in a better financial position than it has been in the past, with $5000 in our account.

Sue announced the two club-sponsored John Fawcett Foundation mobile eye clinics taking place near Ubud this week examining 500 people per village with funds donated by Rtn. Eli on behalf of our club. We hope this sponsorship will set a precedent for other Rotary clubs to follow.

Guest Miho talked about 7 year old Ketut, the son of her staff, who has kidney cancer. He needs 4 rounds of chemo before the surgery which will take place next week, after which he will need another 6 rounds of chemo. The parents have already spent 60 juta and need to raise the 70 juta that is still required. The success rate is 90 percent for these cases. The club decided immediately to dedicate the profits of our upcoming fundraising with the Jazz Trio at Betelnut on 26 July to this cause, and Rucina also gave Miho contacts for other potential donors.

Sue rang the bill for the last time and received a hearty and affectionate farewell as our club president. She will celebrate her retirement with a safari in Kenya.

2013-2014 Rotary Year in Review


Started the year with 31 members
We added 6 wonderful people:
• Cok Raka
• Eli Lenyoun
• Kadek Gunarta
• Hank Abramson
• Kathy Alexander
• Ron Dixon

Ending the year we’re losing 6 great folks:
• Gabe Monson
• Zsuzsa Harsmann
• Hank Abramson
• Kathy Alexander
• Alisa
• LLoyd

Other accomplishments this year:
• Global Grant HIV AIDS finishing, Rtns Antje, Zsuzsa, and Glenn
• DAP – Funding Padang Tegal compost cutting machinery, and posters Cat and Sue
• Bentuyung Computer Learning Center
• Educare with Chris Kemp at Tulikup #1
• Temukus SD #5…Books and socks
• Tenganan SD….Books
• Then there’s your DAP at Pedang Tegal and your Global Grant.

Rotarirans joined Rotaract with their Mobile Library

• RCBUS adopted 25 trees in Kintamani;
• Donated 2 million to Kudus flooding
• Donated 2.4 million (collected at the meeting) to victims of Mt. Kelud eruption.

• Deep Wells – Marilyn, Allan
• Puhu – Marilyn
• Sumba – Cat
• Revamping the RCBUS web site Ros and Bruce

3 Fundraisers:
• Christmas Dinner
• Body Music
Additional events in the Rotary 2013-14 year:
• Joint meeting with Kuta club
• House Warming at Janet’s
Sue Bennett Party for Don
• August 2013 Sue Bennett Potluck Fellowship dinner
• April Field Trip to Mask Museum and Dinner: Guide Rucina
• October – Joined RC Seminyak for tour of Tony Raka Gallery
• October – Joint Meeting with RC Kuta
• October – Rotary Academy in Kuta
• August Wayan and Ade had a baby #3!
• October Bruce changed our outdated listing on the Bali Advertiser
• October Farquhar worked to devise an evaluation strategy for assessing the Educare program.
• January Don Bennett’s 74th Birthday party
• June Turnover BBQ at Marilyn’s
• September –PDG Kuhn‘s daughter’s wedding
• Field Trip to Anneke Linden Foundation
• Fellowship with Payangan Marching Band, performance and dinner
• Rotaract from Japan meeting in Kuta – Sue translated for the DG
• Elections for club officers for next year Nov 24
Rucina starring in Romeo and Juliet
• December – DG came – last minute – scheduled speaker
• January Field trip to Buahan with Bruce, Sue Marilyn, Eli, Lindsay, Jeannette, Ann
• February Field trip to Klinik Angrek
• January Cok Raka hosted the Superbowl watching party
• May- Club Assembly at the beautiful Café Havana
• June 22 – Meeting with TRF Auditor
Speakers for this last year included:
• Ketut Yuliarsa, Ganesha Bookshop, read his amazing bicultural poetry.
• Agung Putri, politics In Bali
• Janice Mantjike My Life in the sixties in Bali
• Farquhar – about evaluating projects
• Suzana Chandra – District Trainer – I remember she said “Would YOU want to join your club”
• Kadek Gunarta – talking about environmental education and recycling in Padang Tegal
• Wiwik Dharmiasih “Cultural Landscape of Bali Province: the Subak system as a Manifestation of the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy
• Melati Gaymans – Foodscapes
• Mary Northmore – Smile foundation
• April re Dyatmika books
• BAWA – plight of Bali dogs, rabies
• January Suki the National Geographic Photographer
• Feb Kenneth Worthy – how we interact with the environment
• David Liscomb – Intrepid Alaska Marathon Runner
• Citra Savitri Kopernik
• Rtn Don Bennett told us about Rachel and Raspberry Pi
• Rucina and Kat on trip to India
• May 14 Graeme MacRae- anthropologist from New Zealand
• June David Harnish challenges of music sustainability in Lombok et al.
• Mario Cossa psycho drama


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