Bulletin 8th April 2019

BULLETIN 8th April, 2019.

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.

District 3420/no.79571

Meetings are 2nd Monday each month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Andung, Ubud; and the last Monday of each month at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud at 5.30-7 pm.

Never underestimate of your self, when you mean it, they can give you more than you can imagine it!

Attendances, welcoming of guests, announcements, reports, project updates.


The sister club proposal by Nick de Boursac from Singapore followed up, the President of his club has been ill health so that way they never answer for the email, we await for the replay.

The water filter from Sky hydrant who offer by Dr. Yap Rotarian from Singapore to our water project is not ideal for Kedampal. The Situation due the maintenance and cleaning system is difficult to handle by community in Kedampal. For example for clean water it need to clean the water filter at least twice a month, and with the green water from the dam in Kedampal it will need at least two times a week to clean it up.

Brian will send email out to Shana from Waxhaw NC club for her club respond about Kedampal water Project.

JFF project at Apuan Bangli no report yet because JFF was busy at Banyuwangi east Java, so they will send us the full report when they came back from Banyuwangi.

Nongan Water project proposal , we decided to refuse it, there is no urgent water needed in this village, the villagers paid for Rp, 25,000 per family for month is really can afford by them, never have water crisis in this village, what they need is the businessman who want to investment to develop.


New Business

Tika will attend the District Conference at Jakarta April 26 – 27th

Club agree to do the bus clinic for Rumah Sehat and Tuberculosis project who sponsored Global Grand  By Rotary Virginia, Sue and Ray Bishop are ready doing this, the plan is on April 27th will start the community Assessment. For now if all of you know the information about the clinic bus or ambulance product please contact Sue and Ray because they looking up for the specific clinic bus or ambulance.

Tika’s idea to have a learning center for empowering and encouraging women, it will start with sewing training, Ray Bishop have friend who will sponsored for the sewing machines (awesome) so look forward what our club can do more.

Hand over for president idea is doing it at Tegal Dukuh Pit stop and Natural Bliss at Taro, Wayan Wardika the owner and his project we sponsored for the bins offer his place. Other ideas are welcome for hand over event for us. Lets have fun!

Draw raffle by Neal and guess, he got his own ticket, wow! Congratulation Neal!

Next meeting at Maya on April 29th, guest speaker by Yaya from Griya Luhu a community education and encouraging student on waste management system.


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