Bulletin 8th July 2019

Bulletin 8th July 2019

Rotary club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420/no. 79571

Meetings held 2nd Monday of the month, at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Raya Andong; and the last Monday of each month at the Maya resort, Ubud, from 5.30-7pm.


Announcements, reports, project updates, guest welcoming.


President Tika, our new president for year 2019-2020, welcomed members (9), honary member (1) and 3 guests.     

Members and guests were invited to introduce themselves.

David and his wife Charlotte Mutoro, from King’s Cross Rotary Club, Sydney, Australia. David informed us he is originally from Kenya, he and his wife are New Zealand citizens now living in Sydney. David is a marine biologist spending 3 years in Japan, now teaching at TAFE college, head of science and Math departments.

He is President of his Rotary club year 2019-2020. He is visiting Bali and especially our club with a view to us becoming sister clubs. Then we can share projects, funding etc. His club, he said had procured Global grants for 2 ambulances and work with children’s projects overseas. Knowing about our water projects which unfortunately fall short of what Global grants commence at, would be ideal joint project. He looks forward to our clubs working together.

Guest Joti Rockwell, from California had sent email to one of our members saying he was coming to Bali to study the culture, music, dance of Bali! Allan directed him to a past member Rucina Balinger for help and advice.

Treasurer’s Report. – Brian reported on what member had resigned.

He then reported on financial statement of our club and stressed the importance of fund raising. Our funds are depleting quickly and our members (18) fees being low we do not have a huge income.

Our handover meeting held on 22nd June was a good success and members were informed of cost per person.

Brian has also been sourcing replacing our current club flag with same design but only 1 thickness! This will save the club 20.000 IDR per flag. Every little saving helps towards our projects! Members voted and unanimous decision to go ahead with new flag.

Fund Raising.

Ray and Bruce who are on Fund raising committee have come up with several ideas for fund raising events, a Halloween Party and An Afternoon on the Green, with BBQ, food outlets, entertainment etc.

Our newest member Marion also has several ideas for fund raising and these have been sent to members for future discussion.

Projects for incoming year.

We continue with our water projects at Kendampal and Gitgit, but unfortunately at present do not have the necessary funds – each one is $8,000.

The Tuberculosis mobile clinic for Bali Sehat , which gives free medical care to the people in the very poor areas in north east, is being worked on by our member Sue who is currently overseas.

We continue hopefully with sponsoring JFF to provide free eye care to remote villages that cannot access this service, nor have the funds to pay for it.

We continue to support the Composting facility in Taro and the recycling project started by a very enthusiastic member of the community. He is teaching the school children about collecting, separating and binning plastic items. Prizes being offered to child who collects most in a certain period! We have provided the funds to buy the bins and the cloth liners for the collection purpose.

We have been invited to Handover meeting Bali Area, Legian on 18th July.

Our next meeting date has been changed to Monday 22nd July 2019at Maya Resort, Ubud, same time 5.30-7 pm.

Meeting closed 7 pm.




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