Bulletin 9 April 2018

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

 District 3420 / No. 79571

 Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café on Jl. Andong: last Monday at Maya Resort & Spa Ubud. 5:30-7PM

“Wherever you go, go with your heart” anon

 Bulletin April 9, 2018


Guest : Nico from Dallas Texas USA

Brian & Ray

PE Brian :  Welcomed everybody and let Nico introduce himself.

We have the following vacant positions still unfilled.  PLEASE step up and help the club: Treasure & Vice President.  These are important positions, but they don’t take a lot of time.  VP is for anyone interested in taking on a little responsibility and perhaps move up to Pres. Next year.

The club agreed to send 2 Retractors to RYLA this month.  We also agreed to support the Pricilia Hall Foundation which helps underprivileged children (https://www.priscillahall.org/ ).


Also discussed was how to get and keep our Retractors more involved in our projects and in general.  Dora will take on this task and communicate to the Rotoractors. We always want to make them know about our projects and invite them to attend our meetings.

Project Updates

Agreed to do bookcase repair at SD 2 Culik Rp. 3,499,000, and to donate books for Lilawista Library at LPM (place for kids who cannot continue their schooling but need the Certificate) at Ping’s house in Culik Karangasem Rp. 8,500,000.  Also shopping for the books on Saturday April 14, at Gramedia Gatsu at around 11 am. Rotoracts will help to organize the books and also Dora will ask them to go to Gramedia with us. We want to be ready to go for the books on Saturday so Brian, Dora, Tika, and others will confirm.  Nico the guest also suggested free books at https://www.overdrive.com/  which has free eBooks, movies, and more.

Tika & Brian

Also discussed was about the main problem in every school in Bali, the books from the government  are not always suitable for the school, the principal just locks the bookcase to make those books neat and clean, no one is responsible for taking care for the library and etc.   We need to solve this problem.


P. Alan reminded us all that the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Bali Ubud Sunset is on Jun 16, we will do a service Free Eye Treatment collaborating with The John Fawcet Foundation for our anniversary. The JFF visit will be around the second and third weeks of June, it will be held in the Desa Buahan Kaja Payangan areas,  because it’s a big community so it will be held  for 2 days at 8 am until 3 pm and the cost is Rp. 25,500,000 (according the usually  JFF Charges) , normally it’s for a community and for an elementary school but we will try to discuss with JFF this visit be for the community only, Tika will confirm to JFF and Kepala Desa.

PE Brian discussed his idea to have the club sponsor 15 children every year to learn to swim at Swimdo and it’s cost of about $20 per person. It will be discussed when we have more members at a meeting.

Treasure report:  Protect Account: Rp. 127,932,225; Mount Agung relief Rp. 5,500,000; Library Stock Rp. 5,143,100 so total Rp. 181,721,837.

Project update: Helmets handout on Thursday April 12 at 10 am at SD Negeri 1 Ubud (Oposite the Ubud football field ) Rotaracts will be invited to join in, Brian,  Tika, Dora will come and others are welcome to join in. This project is for introducing the young children the safe riding and make sure they put their helmets on for next 30 days to make it become a habit.

Other News:


Richard Foss's book 'Bali Water Project' book

Richard Foss’s book ‘Bali Water Project’ book

Wednesday April 18 VP Rich and Alan plan to go to Amed to check the water project in Gitgit and others places in the area. The  Rotaracts who have been helping the water projects are ready to join.

Tika had an idea to copy a project from RC Denpasar, it called Ferlita (Fermentasi Limbah Rumah Tangga). This project is about taking good care of the garbage from the family, separating the garbage from organic and inorganic and putting the organic in the fermentation place for two weeks until it’s ready for composting. This project will educate families to help them separate the garbage.  Alan suggest to this compare to Padangtegal Composting site. Also we need to hear from David Kuper about a composting system more on April 30 at meeting Maya. This will be need more discussion.

Next meeting April 30 at Maya Resort & Spa.


By: Bruce Briscoe


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