Bulletin 26th August 2019

Bulletin Rotary Club of Bali Ubud Sunset, August 26th 2019

 Maya Resort, Ubud

District 3420/no. 79571

Meetings held 2nd Monday of the month, at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Raya Andong; and the last Monday of each month at the Maya resort, Ubud, from 5.30-7pm.



Ray Bishop, Bruce Briscoe, Tika Dewi, Danielle Foss, Richard Foss, Brian Goldman, Jim Hook, Marion Hook,Wayan Suyanta Kaler, Anne Marie Kipar (honorary)



Don Bennett, Sue Bennett, Sue Bishop, Dora Dek Dor, Neal From, Irene Heaton, Fern Linden, Allan Starr



Rucina Ballinger guest speaker; Shawna guest from BIWA, Gerhard Rode, guest of Anne Marie Kipar


Meeting was conducted by Jim Hook


Introductions of guests and members were given.


Fundraising Committee Report by Chair, Ray Bishop

  1. Fundraisers will take place few choices : Octoberfest at Siam Sally approximately on November 9th 2019
  2. There will be three or four fundraisers event : possibly at Siam Sally, Nagi Kitchen, the Ubud soccer field, and a chili cook-off at Melting Pot.
  3. We need more members for fundraisers to be successful
  4. Members, new and current, must sell tickets to the event, attend the event and volunteer at the event for the event to be successful


Taro Report by President, Tika

  1. Tika and Jim attended a meeting with Yayasan Merah Putih Hijau (MPH) in Taro to discuss collaborative efforts with Wayan Wardika
  2. MPH continues to work with the banjar for their permission to establish themselves in Taro. Such permission has not yet been granted.
  3. Marion launched a GoFundMe account to raise funds for Wayan Wardika’s trash removal and education program under the name of “Help the Superhero of Trash.”
  4. All members were asked for a small (or large) donation to the account and to share the account with their friends, by email, on Facebook and on other social media sites.


Guest speaker, Rucina Balinger, presented a report on Amicorp’s work in NorthBali.https://www.amicorpcommunityfoundation.org/portfolio-item/sanitation-solutions-bali-indonesia/

She suggested that Amicorp and Rotary Bali Ubud Sunset work together to secure funding for projects as both entities empower underprivileged Balinese to help themselves.


No raffle took place.

Marion will conduct the next meeting which is on September 9, 2019 at Kakiang starting at 5:30 PM.


Meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM.



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