Bulletin 10 December, 2012

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud


December 10, 2012 

“I’m an idealist.  I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.”
                                                                                  Carl Sandburg


Attending: Allan,Bruce, Chris, Danielle, Driya, LLoyd, Marilyn, Mr. Chu, Philip, Probo, Rosalind, Rustiasa

Guests: Rtn Diane Parker (RC Ogopogo), Rich Foss, (RC Colorado Springs Interquest), Rtn Bernard Pruniay, (RC ATD Aix en Province France). Natalie Bakariau, Guest Speaker and Rtn Ian Burnet (RC NorthBridge), Yusra Burnet, Ade Haradaya, Margaret R.,



peace-286-rgbT1213EN-4p_highPeace Essay Competition: Clubs throughout Bali have worked hard to involve junior, senior and university students in the Peace Essay Competition.  Clubs in the south of Bali have done a great job getting kids involved and an essay has even been received from a USA Youth Exchange Program student now in Jakarta.  The young man wrote the essay in Indonesian after only four months of study and the essay was terrific!  Here in Ubud, our brilliant motivational speaker, District Rotaracter and new father, Govind, held a writing workshop to inspire the students to think about the subject of peace and motivate them to write their thoughts.  Our club brought in over 50 essays by the December deadline.

RCBUS project's yellow water tank can be seen above the trees in traditional village of Bayung Gede.

RCBUS project’s yellow water tank can be seen above the trees in traditional village of Bayung Gede.

Water Project may lead to trash…..

AG Marilyn is back from two months in the states…happily spent with family, friends and favorite Rotarians. Granddaughter Lindsay (Rotaract material!) returned with her and just to get Lindsay in the Rotary mood, they visited the village of Bayung Gede where the club had previously completed a project that delivered water to 2500 villagers.  It was wonderful to learn that all was functioning as anticipated with no setbacks or surprises.  The village chief did talk about another village concern…a common problem in many villages throughout Bali…what to do with their garbage!  Collection systems don’t exist and even if there was a method to collect garbage, there’s no place to bring it.  Considering the Village Chief has no English and Marilyn has no Indonesian, they managed, through an able translator, to come up with some ideas that just might work and an agreement that both the village leaders and Rotary would be back after the new year.  Stay tuned…

VP Philip updated us on the latest of the ongoing series of lectures and information meetings focusing on parenting and held at Campuhan College.  This last session focused on ‘Accompanying Children through Trauma’ and was presented by Gobind Vashdev.  Listening to Gobind is always worthwhile and 22 participants agreed.

A  Click A Day:   Hello EVERYONE!!  Airlines are once again donating miles to Non-Profits and Rotary is hoping to be a recipient of this valuable gift. All you have to do is go to http://10millioncharitymiles.com/ and click (you can do this EVERY DAY) and without lifting more than one finger, a good deed is done.

Flag XchangeAlways fun is a Flag Exchange and tonight we welcomed Rtn Bernard of RC Aix en Provence, District 1760, France.  Bernard’s charming wife Natalie was the winner of our raffle prize, a Rotary shirt, so it was an ‘all in the family’ event.

Want to be in a book?  A researcher has asked if any of the ex-pat club members would be willing to be interviewed.    Purpose of the interview…why people choose Bali as their retirement location.  Contact Pres Rosalind rosalindinbali@gmail.com if you’re retired and have made the wise choice to spend your retirement in Bali and willing to expound on why.

baby chickOrganic Chicks anyone?   And if you’re interested in spiritual organic chicken (total lack of interest from vegetarians even though the chicken was both spiritual AND organic) Pres Rosalind knows where they can be purchased.



Gst Spkr Ian 105Ian Burnet, retired geophysicist and now successful author, has written a fascinating book about the Spice Islands.  Ian traced through the discovery of the islands, probably earlier than written records by historians and navigators, and spoke specifically about Banda and Tenate, the islands around which his book is based.  He explained many of the health properties of spices like nutmeg and clove and the high value placed on these spices in Europe.  For more go to www.spiceislandsbook.com  Text is excellent and the pictures beautiful.   


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