Bulletin 22nd June 2019

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

Handover Meeting at Tegal Dukuh Pitstop Taro

District 3420/no79571

June 22nd 2019

Invetees all members and Guests


Attended by members : Brian Goldman, Bruce Briscoe, Rich and Danielle Foss, Ray Bishop, Incoming member Jim and Marion Hook, Kartika Dewi, Dora Kadek Kerti, Honorary Member Anne Marie Kipar.

Sorry from Renee Heaton, She is sick right now, wish she better soon

Attended by 5 members of Rotaract Ubud and 3 Participant

Guests: Komang (Dora Husband) and Tude (Dora Son)

Arrive at 11.00am at Tegal Dukuh Taro, welcome from Wayan Wardika founder of Tegal Dukuh Pitstop and Camping Site also founder Taro Composting Site who start waste management in Taro village. RCBUS sponsor 200 bins to support his program to educate families in Taro also educate the school at SDN 1 Taro about waste management, separate the waste into organic and unorganic. The organic waste goes into Taro composting site to process become compost and the unorganic part can weight it and sell it. At School Wayan has a program “Bottle for Bike” who encourage the kids at school to start to collect the plastic bottle and cups etc. The prize goes to girl in 5th grade hand over at June 10th 2019, wish this is a good start to educate them and in the future they can be the influence for all family members.

After a warm welcome we having tea coffee and Balinese cake, fellowship with all members and Rotaractors.

11.30 Start Rotary Handover meeting by President Brian, welcome all members, welcome new members Jim and Marion Hook, Marion Birthday was Monday June 17th , Very Happy birthday Marion. Sorry for Renee cannot be here cause she has been sick.

Announce RCBUS Club officers 2019/2020

Board of Directors

President : Tika (Ni Ketut Kartika Dewi)

Immediate Past President : Brian Goldman

President Elect : ……………

Vice President : Dora (Kadek Kerthi)

Secretary : Sue Bishop

Treasurer : Brian Goldman

Executive Secretary/Director : Allan Keith Starr


Club Community Chairs

Community Services Chair : Dora (Kadek Kerthi)

Fundraising Chair : Ray Bishop and Renee Heaton

Club Membership Chair : Renee Heaton

Rotary Foundation Chair : Ray Bishop

Administration Chair : Bruce Briscoe

Youth Services Chair : Kaler (I Wayan Suyanta )

Handover by President Brian to President Elect Tika by pinning the President Pins

Giving the Pin and certificate from President Tika to Jim and Marion Hook as club member RCBUS , welcome Jim and Marion.

12.00pm Rotaract Handover from President Ywan to President Elect Raina Anggariyani, congratulation to Raina.

Bruce has a great idea to sponsor Rp,50,000 for Rotaract to attend meeting Kakiang every Second Monday and all members agreed about it. For meeting Maya Rotaract also welcome to come and to get sponsor for meal from RCBUS. May we have a great relationship in future. Rotaract main project for now is mobile library and concern to kid educations. For today RCBUS also sponsoring Rotaract to joining the Trekking and camping program, have fun!

Before lunch we have a teaser from Wayan Wardika about his dream making all families in his village Taro want to join his program on waste management and to stop throwing the waste especially plastic to the river. How he start the composting idea and educate the families to separate their waste, so many refused so many excused, so many headache and fatigue but he never stop. He so thankful to RCBUS for sponsoring 200 bins to completing his program. It will be long journey to educate the villagers to do the waste management so that’s way he buy all the unorganic waste from families, from this he dream about all the rivers is clean from plastic, he also believe if he can reduce the plastic start from his village it will also reduce plastic on the river in Ubud area or Denpasar area and to the ocean. He also encouraging and explain the guests he guiding for the river trekking about his movement, few of his guests so exited to joining his program to collecting all the plastic from the way they passed it. May in future RCBUS can working together in this waste management system and aware the villagers we are in emergency to manage our plastic.

12.30pm Buffet Lunch , nice and yummy food

1.30 pm Discussion about this year fundraising ideas to do, of course with the Christmas Dinner, Raffle items, how about barbecue party on the Ubud Yard, how about Halloween Party etc. More ideas are welcome, please!

2.00pm Activities, Rotaract di trekking, free time or return to Ubud.


Next meeting at Kakiang on July 8th 2019

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