Bulletin 27th May 2019



DISTRICT 3420/ NO 79N71


Meetings 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Raya Andong Ubud; and last Monday of the month at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud. Both meetings 5.30 -7 pm.




President Brian opened the meeting at 6 pm.

Attended by 4 members and 2 guests. Apologies 7.

Treasures Report:

Siteground to be paid by 20th June and will be followed up by President Brian.

Rotary fees of members due 20th June. Bank details available or pay in cash.

Previous Business

The payment by cheque of US$ 70, by member S.B. – still no reply from her. Issue is no cheque received yet apparently sent?

Handover venue. No reply from Pyramids of Chi, Renee sent email request but no answer.

Second option is at Taro, Tika will organise this venue, times, transportation for members and families. Also to contact Roteracts to invite them to join the handover . Date possibly Saturday 22nd June, which is last meeting of year 2018-2019.

New Business

Rotaract requesting funding for District conference in Solo 28th -30th June, for 2 people.  As funds have already been used from budget for Rotaracts to attend RYLA ,  this conference  is not urgent and better budget is kept for future training.

Bruce suggesting to contact Rucina Ballinger for guest speaker in July 2019. Brian will contact her.

Hosting of past President Rotary Singapore, Mr. Pok Sin will be visiting Ubud 8-14th September. He has accommodation and is interested in photography while here. Tika will follow up his requirements.

Global Grant for water project with RC Denpasar; it is a possibility that RC Denpasar can get a Global grant and they are considering joining with us in water projects in Kendampal  and Gitgit. However the problem is those 2 project only require US$8.000 each and grant is US$30,000. If it is possible to find another area that is in need of water project we could put all together.

Members please notify your intention of continuing to be a member, or if you cannot pay fees due by 20th June, alternative arrangements can be worked out.

Guests – Liz Wider and Warren Wilder.

Liz is from Houston, Texas, and their Rotary club has over 100 members! They have a successful Flag Project plus women project, and also helping Venezuelan refugees; most of their funding goes to Polio plus projects.

Meeting closed , 7 pm.

Next meeting Kakaing Garden Café 10th June 2019.

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