Upcoming Meeting/Speaker02 June 2014

Kadek Ridoi Rahayu

This young Balinese woman will be speaking about her dreams for the youth of Bali.
“The most generous joys of life is being happy over the good fortune of other.”

I have lived as a commuter since I was young as a result of going where my parents served as teachers either in the village or in bigger towns around Bali. This forced me to adjust and adapt to very different circumstances. Interacting with nature and growing up with a strong Gianyar culture made me be more conscientious and love this land. Since I joined Forum Anak Daerah raised by Lembaga Perlindungan Anak Provinsi Bali (Children Protection Institution of Bali Province), I found within myself a strong desire to fight for children’s rights. Having been awarded as an Indonesian Young Leader from UNICEF and the President of RI encouraged me to follow my heart. Bali is not only about outstanding natural scenery and famous arts but also about its abundant human resources to make a better future for the young generations. It is the time to reach my dream, when I have to upgrade myself even to study overseas in order to empower the children of Bali to fulfill their dreams and goals. It is easy to make your dream come true, start dreaming then wake up, make it happen. Speak up, don’t hide the thoughts and feelings, especially when we can make a difference.
“Success is just being happy.”

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