Upcoming Meeting/Speaker08 September 2014

David Metcalf

David Metcalf

David Metcalf is an author, photographer and fellow Ubud resident who is passionate about Kalimantan, the Dayak culture, and helping to preserve the unique rainforest environment. He has just led an 8-day river expedition taking 6 Dayak elders back to their original home in the forest where their ancestor spirits dwell.

He will show photos from this visit, as well as from his recently released book (see below).

David is also producing a documentary film to raise awareness of the wonder and beauty of the remaining forests of Kalimantan and the ancient wisdom of the custodians of these lands – the Dayaks. His recently released book on Indonesian culture, Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage – Cultural Journeys of Discovery showcases 12 different ethic tribes he’s visited over the last 12 months. He also runs half-day and full-day photography workshops to unique places in Bali. In December he will lead a photo tour to India, including the remote Nagaland, an area only opened to foreigners four years ago.

David’s charity endeavours include initiating and supporting an education program in poor river villages in Kalimantan (www.facebook.com/ranselbuku) and also setting up a traditional Dayak dance studio in Palankaraya www.gofundme.com/Sitis-Dream. More information on David Metcalf.


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