Upcoming Meeting/Speaker13 October 2014

Jacob Olander

Jacob Olander: Butterflies and Conservation

Jacob has been working for over 20 years, mostly in Latin America, developing businesses and projects that generate economic value from conserving biological diversity, including ornamental plants, sustainable timber and carbon offset credits.

Jacob and his partner, Marta Echavarria, are co-founders and collaborators in EcoDecisión, a company based in Quito, Ecuador. One of their successful ventures is Heliconius Butterfly Works – a butterfly farm that rears and exports live butterfly chrysalids to zoos, botanical gardens, museums and other living exhibits around the world.

Though fragile and ephemeral, butterflies are incredible ambassadors for biodiversity and provide a very tangible source of income and pride for local families in the Ecuadorian foothills.

Jacob will talk about his work with butterflies and local conservation in the small but megadiverse country of Ecuador.

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