Upcoming Meeting/Speaker14 April 2014

Kopernic Communications Officer, Citra Savitri

Kopernic Communications Officer, Citra Savitri

ROTARY CLUB Bali UBUD Sunset Meeting
Monday 14 April, 5.30-7pm at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud
Guests are welcome. Please email balibruce @ gmail.com before 12 Monday to ensure catering and seating.

Go here for more meeting info, times, place, and a map: http://rotarybaliubudsunset.org/attend-a-meeting-location-map/

GUEST SPEAKER: Kopernic Communications Officer, Citra Savitri

From our base in Ubud, Bali, we serve the most remote parts of the developing world. Places with no electricity or clean water. Places that are usually the last to gain access to new technology, even though they need it the most. In just four years, we have reached 190,000 people in 19 countries with water filters, solar lights, clean cookstoves and other life-changing innovations. In Indonesia, we have reached over 90,000 people in 12 provinces, and we are always trying to reach more people.  http://kopernik.info/
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