Upcoming Meeting/Speaker15 December 2014



Jack Blaylock: Look at the Sun

Without the sun, we would not have life. Our sun is a star, just like the ones you see ornamenting the night sky. It happens to be the closet of them all, and the one our Earth is attached to. Yet, many people are ignorant of basic facts about the sun. This short talk for the layman will cover the very basics, without any difficult math, boring statistics, or difficult jargon. Come learn about this celestial companion of ours in a multimedia presentation that will cover flares, sunspots, solar storms, and other things the sun does and is that affects us all, always, until she burns herself out someday.

Jack Blaylock is an American from Hawaii who has lived in Bali for most of his life. He is interested in Balinese culture, economics, physics, metaphysics, and exploring the world’s great mysteries. A former professional musician, most of his life in Bali has been spent in the handicraft export business. Studying the sun is one of his hobbies.
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