Upcoming Meeting/Speaker10 November 2014

termite damage #2
Building Termites Out

Did you know that a termite queen lays over 10 thousand eggs every day? Subterranean termites flourish in the humid tropical climate of Bali have great potential to cause massive damage to your wooden structures. Termites can directly affect your home and business. So, what can we do to prevent this from happening?

This session will focus on termite lifestyle and how to mitigate their effects by practicing sustainable building techniques. Some topics you will learn about:

  • How to identify termite infestations
  • What are the best termite-resistant woods to use
  • Simple steps to build out termites

The speaker is Alex Ryan, a lifelong activist, sustainable living protagonist and Owner/Manager of Kaltimber, a local company which sources and supplies 100% reclaimed Kalimantan hardwoods to home and commercial builders in Bali and beyond.

Come join us and learn to practice sustainable living and mitigate the effects termites might have on you. For a video introduction to Kaltimber click here. Visit their website here.

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