Upcoming Meeting/Speaker20 October 2014

Sawah Bali: Conserving Bali’s Rice Paddies
and Creating New Markets for Farmers

Yayasan Konservasi Sawah Bali (YKSB) is a local foundation formed in 2013. Adopting “Land Trusts” from the States, YKSB has two main goals: First to conserve and sustain a working landscape in Bali; Second to restructure agricultural production to secure greater economic equality and wellness for farmers.

Wayan Dedik RachmanWayan Dedik Rachman of Sawah Bali will introduce us to the organization and explain their extraordinary work.

Currently, YKSB works with 135 farmers (47 hectares) in Subak Malung Bulu Jauk in Bunutan-Tanggayuda village as part of a pilot project.

Read more on Sawah Bali at the website: sawahbali.org

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