Upcoming Meeting/Speaker21 July 2014

The Hogan Brothers.  Steve and Julian Hogan are two of The Hogan Brothers, a prominent jazz fusion group based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Deeply involved in many artistic traditions from around the globe, they will be speaking about their world adventures and their involvement with many different musical cultures, particularly the Gamelan tradition of Bali, and the impact their travels and multi-cultural upbringing have had on their lives and their musical careers.

On Friday, 25 July, at BETEL NUT RESTAURANT, JALAN RAYA UBUD. the Hogan brothers will perform as a fundraiser for the medical costs of Ketut Evan Arikrisna, an 8 year old boy from Penestanan who is being treated for kidney cancer.   His surgery was successful and the prognosis is good, but he will require costly chemotherapy which is beyond the means of his family.  Doors open at 7PM and the wonderful show starts at 8PM.


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