Upcoming Meeting/Speaker24 November 2014

logo-Slow Food Bali

 Slow Food: YES to Good, Clean & Fair!

Mary JaneThis presentation explores the basic philosophy of Slow Food, presenting what one of the world’s largest dedicated food movements does in support of biodiversity. The importance of “local” and sustainable food is investigated, with specific examples from various Slow Food programs in Bali.

Mary Jane Edleson – culinary educator, organic gardener, author & artist – has lived and worked in numerous countries throughout Asia, including some 30 years resident in Indonesia. She is a Founding Member of BISA (Bali Institute for Sustainable Agriculture), Program Coordinator for BENIH BALI, and Convivium Leader of Slow Food Bali.

She was Founder and President (for 20 years) of Pacific Century Associates, a regional marketing & communications company based in Indonesia. She is the author and editor of numerous articles and books on Indonesia. Her main life passion is the study of world food and its relationship to culture.

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